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  1. The length of the game is fine now, I don't think it is the problem. They certainly are not going to cut the warm-up time between innings, because that is when they are running commercials...... and ALWAYS follow the money. Any time-cutting will be during play. There is simply a limit to how many people are going to watch on TV. I have the Rangers' game on every night I am home, sometimes I am not even in the room for a while, but that is why DVRs were invented with the rewind feature. I'm sure I don't represent the average viewer. Did I mention we had planned to spend 2 weeks at spring
  2. Even though we didn't get much out of Prince, if Kinsler stays you never see Odor. He probably ends up traded in some deadline deal as a minor league player. As grandma said "everything happens for a reason".
  3. As good as Gallo is going to be, it looks like the original statement when they brought him up is probably best for him/us. Bring him up, get him some playing time and see what he needs to work on, when Beltre comes back let him go back to AAA to work on the things he realized he is short on. His BA is down to .224, and for whatever reason (nerves?) everytime he throws to 1st you hold your breath and hope for the best. He is agile to be so big and runs down balls in foul territory and runs the bases very well. Deshields' injury probably bought him a little more time, but if he goes back to Rou
  4. Hopefully they can keep the mojo going, although the Twins have been outplaying expectations and battling so far. I like Washington's quote when being asked about the no-name players in his line up; "We're a submarine". I am sure they relish the underdog role and it probably relaxes them to a degree.
  5. I haven't posted anything in a long time, but I thought this quote from the ESPN Dallas article about CJ complaining that the balls were slippery and it was some sort of a conspiracy to help the Rangers was an all time classic" . "They were good," Ogando said. "I don't know what was going on with C.J.'s balls." . http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20130928&content_id=62027006&notebook_id=62032562&vkey=notebook_tex&c_id=tex
  6. Good job JD & company. If we had traded for him at the July deadline, the price would have been steep. This way we either hand them some cash back out of the $1 million they give us, or give them Garcia, who was blocked from playing here by the infielders we have signed long term. Good luck, Leury.
  7. If the announcement had been that the Rangers had committed to Josh for 5 years at $25mil a year, who would have been happy and believed that it was a good signing? There have been lots of questions about how much to commit to Josh. I don't like the Angels signing him either, but I wouldn't have felt good if the headline had us tied to him for that long for that much. Gotta keep moving forward and don't waste time looking back when there are still opportunities to make your team better.
  8. . Perez did not look like he lacked any confidence. He needs to become more efficient and get that pitch count down, but his change up will get a lot of folks out. . Noticed they were talking about the Rangers scouting Zack Greinke last week with plans to try to deal for him, and said they were also prepared to deal for the Phillies Cole Hamels if he became available. While neither deal may happen and their interest may be being way overstated, you have to wonder who they would deal and what they would do with who if they got either one. Oswalt was not signed to be in the bullp
  9. . I don't believe I called the thread anything. I disagreed with you and in each response from you there has been some sort of personal jab. If you really want a topic discussed, be ready to be disagreed with. You have posted two pretty lengthy descriptions of this thread and your involvement, and have summarized it as you have been attacked and have no fault in the type of discourse that has occurred. If you cannot see you have contributed as much as anyone to the way the thread evolved, the trees are getting in the way. Anyway, I am back to enjoying the double plays, good day.
  10. . It appears that it is very relevant. . Now go ahead and call me "sunshine pumper" or "genius". It validates my point when you resort to personal attacks. .
  11. . I hope that my mentioning that the man has taken this team to places it never saw before did not imply that second place is my goal or satisfying to me. It is not. I am happy that their record has improved every year under his leadership, but the ultimate prize is still the goal. I am amazed that some seem to want to dump the man that got us here, while we are in first and have the best record in team history at this point in a season. Our talent level and upper level leadership are in a different place than years past to be sure as well. If you trust Daniels, and I do, I trust his judgemen
  12. . Yeah, he is horrible!! Lets replace him with one of the other managers that took the Rangers to the World Series! Oh wait, lets just replace Wash with one of the other managers that have taken the Rangers to a playoff series win of any kind! Oh wait,.............. .
  13. . Evidently Cruz's achilles is not going to be a big issue. He was able to pinch hit and stay on the bases after a single. .
  14. . Hmmmmm.......... our depth is being tested. Ogando injures his groin running out a bunt single after pitching 3 perfect innings. Holland, Feliz, Ogando, Cruz.............. if the glass is half full it is an opportunity for someone to show their stuff. .
  15. . The words "apologist" and "sunshine pumper" are being thrown around by you, but as yet I have seen no one calling you a "hater" LOL. In your words I will make it a "simple concept". These players have played their hearts out for Washington every day, and they know him better than any of us. I guess they are "apologist and sunshine pumpers". .
  16. . If I understand this theory correctly, anytime something bad happens it is Washington's fault; anytime something good happens (like playing the best ball currently in the mlb), he had nothing to do with it and it is solely credited to the players that had previously done the earlier bad things. .
  17. . If Feliz gave us 3 runs on 3 hits in 8 innings work every time out, he would have a heck of a year. In the 4th it didn't look like he would get through 6 at best. Kudos to him for righting the ship and finishing strong. Even in a victory the Tigers were holding their breath and expecting to lose till our last swing. . Now if Beltre rebounds from the hammy without too much down time all will be well. .
  18. . Relax guys, the season is one week old. Nathan will be fine, or he won't. Anyone who claims to know either way at this point needs a Valium. You can pull a hammy or hurt a knee jumping on and off the bandwagon. I personally think he will be fine, but have misplaced my crystal ball. Nathan certainly has a track record over the last 8 years or so of being second only to Mo of the Yanks. He has 3 saves and the leader currently has 4. . I am happy to see Ross have success. He looks like a 13 year old and the image of him with the hat, pistols and backpack opening weekend makes you pull
  19. Don't misunderstand me, I know fully well any team, including the Rangers, can fail and have a miserable season or two. What I am saying is the bar (of expectation) has been raised, and this ownership / management team will not lower it or quit moving forward. In the past success was a surprise, not the expectation.
  20. Just shows again how far we have come as an organization. Management diligently studies players and situations (watching practically every game he pitched last year and having watched a lot before that, getting to know his family, ect), they form a plan and execute the plan. They are ready when an opportunity presents itself (Cliff Lee, Francisco for Napoli, ect), but are thinking long term success, not making a move that will cripple the team for years. Not every move will pan out, and Yu may not ever be what we are hoping for, but I have confidence in JD and our staff to make the moves with
  21. . After seeing the hat Big Ben wore to the post game press conference, I am now more confident he was destined to lose. .
  22. . As a card-carrying Steeler hater, I praise all and any that contributed to this day! Woo Hoo!! .
  23. . Careful! Don't inject any common sense to this, someone's head might explode! .
  24. . If Jerry the GM is not the reason for their downfall, please explain what you believe the reason is. Do you believe ANY GM in the league would have kept their job with his performance/results the last 15 years? .
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