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  1. I think ND is still a young team now having to learn a new system. I think they are on the right track with the new staff, my son played there a couple of years back, and there was needing to be some coaching changes then. When I heard that the coaches were blaming the kids last year for not having any talent instead of looking at themselves when losing ballgames then something had to be done. After all, the kids that lost every game last year had successful seasons while playing sub varsity ball but looked like they had never played together when they started playing on Friday night, "win as a team lose as a team" didn't seem to be a motto last year. Its a new year and the coaches that couldn't get it done are gone, so give the new staff a chance before giving up, I believe they will be successful in another year or so. Eagles, keep your heads up, you don't stink, good luck
  2. I hate to see anyone lose their job, but were the 2 coaches that were relieved from Coaching Responsibilities the OC and DC? I thought ND had a strong baseball program, why would the coach that is doing a great job be let go? Was the powerlifting coach a football coach also? Or was he let go for other reasons? I have no facts on these coaching issues just simply wondering how the decisions were made on which coaches stayed and which were let go.
  3. Never heard if Copplin was approved by the board? If so, has he started at ND? Never heard if Copplin was approved by the board? If so, has he started at ND?
  4. Been following this a little, but does anyone know whether Copplin, if hired is bringing his own coordinators? Or just using part of the current coaching staff
  5. I agree Darkhorse. I hate to blame ND problems on coaching this year but from what I was told at the game, not very many people happy with the way things are going. Maybe the coaches will get it together, and coach them and not give up. These kids will be good by their Sr year if they can coach and play as a team.
  6. I had the opportunity to watch ND this past week. All I can say is, it's going to be a long year. I have been told this team has played well together but as usual when kids make it to play on Fri night, everything falls apart. Hopefully they can pull a couple of wins out this year. Good Luck Eagles
  7. Im very disappointed in ND this year. Even though they lost some talent last year I figured they would play better than they have. No defense at all and lack of coaching has killed them. I have been to a few games, and it looks like utter chaos between the kids and the coaches during the game. They will beat Winona but other than that Im afraid their season is over. I hear they have a good group coming up, but we will see. Good Luck the rest of the year Eagles, I hope they prove me wrong.
  8. I hope ND can pull out a win. They don't seem to have that one kid that they try to rely on every year this year, but they do seem to have some good talent, but as usual they need to work on defense. I got to see them play the week my sons team had a bye and it seems the kids aren't quiet up to par on their conditioning and were very winded by the 4th quarter. I wish them luck against Troup, but it could for sure be a long year.
  9. ND has some size but they seem to be lacking in all areas. Might be a long couple of years for them, but from what im hearing they have a decent group of kids coming up next year. Hopefully they do a better job then they did 2 weeks ago, that was a bad loss. They were outcoached and outplayed, but maybe they can get a win from Garrison this week.
  10. I got ND.. Neither team seems to have much this year, but we will see.
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