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  1. Hopefully turn into a varsity team in next 2 years.
  2. That entire freshman class is loaded.. those 2 tho will lead waskom well!
  3. I was telling some fellow ef fans that were sitting on the waskom side last night how this game would be an how it will be for the next 4 years but they didn't believe me .. I gave them a waskom football to keep lol
  4. Those freshman yall ha e moved up are pretty good athletes been watching them since they was 4-5 years old in every sport.
  5. Eh ain't much to talk about it seems. Waskom will have the athletes the next few years just need to see what happens . I believe we'll be fine an have some good football to watch.
  6. Both teams are down in my eyes.. waskom by 3tds it's a good prediction
  7. Let's go Wildcats! So ready for some Friday night lights.
  8. Do they have athletes year in an year out? Got alot of golf dad's in that area probably. Lol Pearson is a good hire for waskom. Love the enthusiastic character he brings.
  9. Welp.. with so much change idk where I would put us yet..
  10. Rumors in waskom never get old! That man is retired an enjoying life in the big city..
  11. I believe jv 8th an 7th was undefeated this year? 7th might have lost 1 game can't remember
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