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  1. Is his injury the reason he didn't play much beginning of season? That sucks. Best to let it heal up..
  2. U seriously can't believe that.. these really fast kids you speak of didn't do that last year.. you don't know football man.. waskom will get up on DF before halftime an the visitor side will start emptying out.. waskom will be to much for DF thus year.. football an track don't mix at all..hope you stick around for ur crow.. waskom 42-21 is the more realistic score. I'll give u yall 28..might squeeze one in really late
  3. Ur going to beat waskom by 21??? Lmao.. just remember to come back for some crow... an remember the score last year? Think it was 28-27.. but hey yall believe u can win by 21 is hilarious
  4. Yall sound pretty dumb bashing waskom about timpson.. they would most definitely man handle most the 3a schools in our area.. an its going to look really dumb when waskom man handles DF..
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