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  1. I kept it on that page that said sold out an it refreshing itself.. I paid for 6 but only need 2.. kinda silly but hey I like to watch football.. an need the days away from work lol... I wasn't sure if that seatgeek is a scam or not I was going try an call tomorrow
  2. I try an buy ticket to the game an they don't sell just 1 lol.. this covi19 stuff is for the birds..
  3. I just went on website an they want 2,000$ for 1 ticket.. guess the saints an stealers are playing that day
  4. How are tickets going to work to get into games? I read on another thread u have to buy online an they make u leave after that game
  5. Dang they usually don't make u leave after a game.. y'all think they are enforcing that? Alot of ppl just watch football all day
  6. I agree.. we probably would have got it if we did our regular offense.. but if we would of got it he would look like a million bucks... You win some you lose some..
  7. I been going since waskoms games.. Ill watch 2a+.. live by Loews is a great hotel next to stadium btw.. it's pricey but worth it to me..
  8. I wasn't Impressed .. the key is to not punt ..might watch another one after saints game .. WHO DAT boys!!
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