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  1. The same thang that got us beat by Mexia got us beat tonight! Special Teams & Offensive Play Calling! NO NUTS NO GLORY!!
  2. U have to beat a champion they not gonna give u sh*t! I see y Cameron is the greatest 3a program of all time. Congrats oYe
  3. What is up with this play calling! All that sh*t we worked on in practice I Havent seen 1 of those plays called yet SMH! This is bullsh*t!
  4. Good game so far,Lets go Lions. We need to open up the playbook!
  5. I agree homegrown,the Cameron LB's r good but they're not Bell.
  6. West giving us Hell like I knew they would!
  7. I've seen West play,they're very hard nosed. The Lions should win but it wont b no cake walk. They play the run just as good as we do.
  8. If Franklin is the best team in 3a then 3a is very weak,I seen Franklin play and they're not all that.Newton will blow them out if they end up playing. Book It!
  9. 34-20 Lions halftime,the Lions turned up the D in that 2nd qt.#4 for Westwood is a serious threat,that kid can go.
  10. Mexia QB is not healthy,he Looks about 60%
  11. Caldwell was to much for Mexia. It was à good game
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