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  1. I went to this game and it was great! Best game I've seen all year.. I heard Beckville started a freshmen at QB for the first time and I thought he looked pretty good if you asked me! He threw game winning touchdown to #4 who I thought was a good WR who also had the interception to end the game! how old is #4?? The rams played very hard too both teams looked like they played with a lot of class!
  2. I see this being a very competitive game and coming down to the end... It's always a intense game when Joaquin and Beckville play, but from what I remember Joaquin lost last year against Harleton the last game of district play witch meant the 7-3 Bearcats didnt make it! Joaquin has some really good backs that run hard and some Linemen that come off the ball hard but so does Beckville, Beckville also has a good WR that West Sabaine could not stop but they just stopped throwing to him I heard! I pick Joaquin in this one they just have way more solid defensive play.
  3. Heard from some Beckville people that there best RB/Lb didnt play against SA and there other RB/DB got hurt on defense early in the game so they had two freshmen starting on Defense and offense! not saying there would have been a different out come i'm just saying.
  4. will be a good game but the rams by 7
  5. I see it being a closer than most think i've watched film on all the teams in this district and SA has best Athletes, but there QB is what makes there team go he can do it all they have pretty good WR's too! Beckville is more physical and has backs that run real hard and a good WR that doesn't get much action though... Both defenses are decent... SA: 45 Beckville: 34
  6. When we played Beckville they were real physical too! I don't see it being a blow out.....
  7. Is SA physical? I've always heard there just a bunch of athletes.. Beckville's backs run hard and down hill !!!!
  8. I'm from UG, and I was at the game... Beckville was by far the toughest team the lions have played so far. The lion's could not do anything the first half, even with the turnovers Beckville had. other than the 3ed and 22 passing touchdown!
  9. No, but there way better than the bearKats.....
  10. Should be a good game! Shelbyville wins though, 21 to 6
  11. I've heard from a lot of Timpson players that this is the one game they wanted to for sure win in Non district play other than Beckville.. Rams by 21 though!
  12. i've Heard there not as good this year?
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