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  1. You’re correct. Shadow Creek drew a bunch of the kids that were at Manvel and as we’ve seen Manvel hasn’t been the consistent power that were prior to Shadow Creek opening. SC also had that young group of kids for two years before they played that first season of varsity ball which is really helpful.
  2. I understand and was well aware that Shadow Creek lost to HP in the championship game in 2018 and beat Ryan in 2019. However, they are one of the few 1st year program to succeed at that level. I think most can agree that it’s rough for most 1st year program, especially when they are thrown to the fire of varsity football early.
  3. It’s always hard on first year varsity programs regardless of who you are. But this has been a discussion amongst coaches in the Frisco, McKinney area seeing as we are so closely aligned district wise. Panther Creek zoning in the long haul will pull the apartments and neighborhoods that have the most talented kids in the city. However the talent at this point is being so stretched thin it’s going to be hard to college depth wise with top tier teams.
  4. Lone Star is a casualty of Frisco ISD. They were positioned in the best area of Frisco as far talent goes. However, Panther Creek which is playing 4A D1 opened this year and it was to help relieve Lone Star and it has weakened the talent at Lone Star.
  5. So there’s only like 7 teams in the state that play a physical style of football according to you? And it’s only teams that still line up in a old school pro style system.
  6. When has Lancaster ever been a soft finesse team? I’ve always known Lancaster to be a team full of dawgs on defense that are going to line up man to man basically all game and they’re going to be an attacking style defense and hit you in the mouth. Offensively, they’re a spread team but run a power running game scheme. They don’t line up in the power i all game long like Longview but they play downhill and play fast and they’re never ducking any smoke.
  7. Lancaster has the athletes basically every year to be a consistent powerhouse. They just haven’t had the greatest coaching to go along with the talent. Gilbert was a good coach but they never have had a QB to really take them to the next level. This year they are doing a two QB system and that just further proves my point that they don’t have a QB. I went back and watched the Guyer game and Lancaster was pretty evenly matched up against them. However, it was the mistakes that took them out of the game. 14-7 game close to halftime and Lancaster fumbled and Guyer scores before half to go up 21-7. Lancaster forces a fumble in the goal line just to snap it out the end zone the very next play. And then Guyer returns the kick back for a TD. 30-7 just like that and the game was out of reach.
  8. I don’t think Lancaster’s physicality should be questioned. I totally agree with the mental toughness aspect, because they have shown to be a very undisciplined team in the past. But I do think Lancaster has the athletes and physicality to go blow for blow with Longview
  9. Yeah I wouldn’t expect the Lancaster crowd to travel in mass numbers for this matchup. They really don’t show up in the masses unless it’s a local matchup, for example like SOC, Skyline, Desoto etc..
  10. Recap of the week! Poteet 14 - Princeton 10 Denison 34 - Greenville 27 Lovejoy 59 - Terrell 7 Melissa 50 - Crandall 22 District Standings: 1. Denison 3-1 (1-0) 2. Lovejoy 2-2 (1-0) 3. Melissa 2-2 (1-0) 4. Mesquite Poteet 1-3 (1-0) 5. Crandall 3-1 (0-1) 6. Greenville 1-3 (0-1) 7. Princeton 1-3 (0-1) 8. Terrell 1-3 (0-1)
  11. This realignment we are definitely a weaker district. Lots of young teams this go around in the district. Previously we’ve had some pretty stout districts with Lovejoy, Frisco and Denison. Melissa would’ve had some great comps with those three and even Reedy 3-4 years ago when they were at the height of their powers was a tough gauntlet of teams. This year not so much
  12. I hope you’re wrong about the Poteet game, but I too see this as a back and forth affair. Crandall without their QB could be a task too tall for Crandall to overcome. Greenville I think just doesn’t have enough juice this year to be a threat, Denison should put them away in rather convincing fashion. Lovejoy I think is due for a bounce back game and I think unfortunately for Terrell they are in the way this week. I haven’t seen much in Terrell this year though some I’m very intrigued to see how they compete tonight.
  13. Princeton vs Mesquite Poteet: Definitely going to be a homer pick but I’m taking Princeton over Poteet. I think Poteet is really struggling right now to find really any offense. I’m thinking the Panthers will be able to find some footing and maybe sneak up on a Poteet team that I bet isn’t giving Princeton much appreciation. This is a crucial matchup for both teams that I believe will be fighting for the final playoff spot in the district. Crandall vs Melissa: Game of the Week in this district and if Melissa plays like they did last week I think they can win. However I think Crandall and it’s offense will be just a little too much for the Cards. I’m taking Crandall in a barn burner 45-42! Denison vs Greenville: Denison lost a lot of talent of last years team who lost even more talent from the year before. So I’m really interested to see how both of these teams fare in this matchup. It seems as Greenville will be in a bit of a reloading year so I’m going with Denison rather big 42-10. Lovejoy vs Terrell: This is going to be the most lopsided matchup of the week and I believe this game will be over midway through the 2nd. This game couldn’t come at better time for Lovejoy who is coming off of two back to back close losses. I see Lovejoy putting up a lot of points early and often this could get really ugly I’m going Lovejoy here in a huge blowout 63-7!
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