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  1. Princeton over Tyler 65-40 Moves on to face WT White in the 5A Reg 2 semifinals
  2. McKinney North over Longview 67-42 Amarillo over Lubbock Monterey 75-68 (Chavez the superstar from MHS dropped 50 in the loss)
  3. Princeton vs Tyler High - Tuesday 6:30 @ Kaufman HS Winner advances to Regional Semifinals to face the winner of Mesquite Poteet/WT White
  4. 5A/ Princeton over Huntsville 36-26 Plays the winner of Tyler/Lancaster
  5. Hey my name is Collin County for a reason, I live in the area and support these schools when they’re facing off against teams from outside of our suburban community. I’m the son of a longtime high school football coach and just like Gunter when he started experiencing success along came “accusations”. These weren’t cheating allegations i was stating. I’m just aware of what comes with the territory when you win. I wasn’t saying families moving in as a bad thing, it’s apart of what happens when you’ve been as good and as dominant over a decade plus span like Gunter has been. It’s a credit and a nod to the program that Gunter has built. When you build it they will come. Gunter built that program on the back of those kids and the communities overwhelming support.
  6. Yeah definitely booming, Royse City and Princeton are alike. They both experienced exponential growth rather quickly and thrust them into higher classifications before the program was honestly ready for it. Princeton has spent three cycles at 5A D2 and are jumping 5A D1 straight to 6A with an enrollment of 2400. They’ll be most likely paired with the McKinney and Allen schools next realignment.
  7. It’s definitely a growing community, they’ve been growing but not rapidly which has helped the programs like Melissa and Anna in their continued success. You grow to quickly and you jump classifications before the program is ready and it can be a big hindrance. Melissa moved to 4A after a state title and got their sea legs before moving up to 5A and continuing success. Anna is following that same trajectory as well now.
  8. Yup and the RB is a JR too, this team lost a FBS QB/RB and they haven’t missed a step with all the talent coming up.
  9. Exactly, it’s like 45 minutes to Denton from Gunter and only a 20 minute drive to Melissa and Anna. Mainly because you gotta take little country roads to get to Gunter from Melissa and Anna. Not quite all the expansion out there yet
  10. Along with Soph QB Williams, it’s also two of the biggest and best OL for Anna are also sophomores.
  11. IMO it’s only going to get better, more and more families move in everyday and for the short foreseeable future these Collin county/south Grayson county teams will be problems for their regions.
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