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  1. 31-25 McKinney North 9:18 Pick 6!! Tyler had McKinney North backed up on its own goal line and pressured North into a bad throw. Returned 20 yards!
  2. 31-19 McKinney North 10:09 4Q Tyler was able to put together a rather easy drive. Starting to move the ball more efficiently against this North defense. still plenty of ball game left
  3. 31-13 Mckinney North to start the 4Q, Tyler driving down into Bulldog territory
  4. SOC’s passing game has improved with William Little returning the helm at QB for another year. The receiving group is vastly improved from last year, they lost their best WR last year in the second round. This year with a north mesquite transfer that’s committed to ASU & another committed to Tech they’re much more dangerous in the passing game. Frisco Emerson is a second year program that returned 22/22 starters from a team that went 9-2 last year. But they also added Allen transfers, Mike and Maliek Hawkins, Mike the older of the two is committed to OU as a QB and Maliek(2025) is a DB also holding multiple P5 offers.
  5. I’m saying it was an entertaining highly executed game between two of the premier programs in the state. Gilmer/Kilgore had a really good finish to the game. For mostly 3.5 quarters though it was not anywhere close to being the best game of the night. How the last 4 minutes of the Gilmer/Kilgore ended was how the entire Guyer/Aledo game played out.
  6. Lovejoy boat races Argyle 42-14, game was never close. Very similar to the Melissa game for Argyle. I think this definitely makes me push Frisco Emerson ahead of Argyle in that district especially after the way Emerson handled a pretty decent Woodrow Wilson team. Final game of the year Melissa vs Lovejoy is going to be a good one. District championship game @ Melissa’s new stadium should be a fun one again.
  7. Gilmer/Kilgore from what everyone is saying on the thread wasn’t really interesting until the 4th quarter. Guyer/Aledo was back and forth the whole game!
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