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  1. Where have you been all this time wolf boy? Did you finally get over SA losing to Jouquin? :D
  2. You're losing tonight wolf boy. :) and this unbeatable SA team will sit home!!
  3. SA better bring their hats next Friday night... None of them running backs from joaquin are better than Burrell. Plus Jenkins and stansberry!!!
  4. What happened to this great SA defence?
  5. After steam rolling over the Cushing bearcats, the dragons look to clinch their playoff spot this week. Beckville lost last week to SA. Who ya got and why? My pick is - Dragons 47, Beckville 7
  6. Pretty sure Shelbyville wins big in this one, anyone have info on Cushing?
  7. I'm gonna laugh in your face after oct 31st.
  8. Hope everyone won't see us as classless now, our kids are really good young men. Glad to see both teams play hard tonight. Belrose is a slippery little thing! As I expected, yall had good talent in the backfield
  9. Appreciate that trueblue. Good luck to yall rest of the season
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