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  1. The problem is, I've known biological women who could not have children, but who adopted. I guess by this line of thinking they don't count, because they're mothers, but they didn't birth the child.
  2. I wish I were kidding... Didn't you know that your mom is now a "birthing person", and not a woman? So I guess Mother's Day is now going to be "Birthing People's Day"...
  3. Funny how Democrats love to bag on Republicans about the science thing when it appears that Democratic politicians can't do math.
  4. Heck if I know. Been doing a lot of programming the last couple of days. Quite interesting stuff.
  5. Funny, I've yet to see any major Democrats, or any of our Democrat friends on this forum, actually address the Democratic states (like Delaware) that actually have stricter laws than Georgia. I've also yet to see them explain how defaulting back to not having "drop boxes" (Georgia didn't previous to COVID) is some how suppressing votes.
  6. Not surprising, but did we really need a study for this?? 46% of the people in the study believe they're better people than everyone they know. https://www.studyfinds.org/half-americans-think-better-person-than-everyone/
  7. https://thewashingtonstandard.com/fascist-simon-schuster-employees-demand-publisher-drop-books-they-disagree-with/
  8. How'd that work out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr1KhM2OfJI
  9. It's amazing to me how many of us (politicians especially) will turn on a dime. Remember last summer when all we heard was negativity against the police from mostly Democratic politicians? Then January 6th happened, and all of a sudden the Democratic politicians look at police as heroes, and many Republicans now look at them in a negative light. It's weird, isn't it? Last year many prominent democrats and a lot in mainstream media, were basically saying, "Boo, Republicans! They're terrible!", but now they're all "Yay for Republicans who stand up to Trump! Look at those great Republic
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