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  1. How nefarious do you have to be to make an ex-post-facto change to a document? And to punish someone for a rule that wasn't even in place at the time? I think they thought the mom was just stupid and would accept it. Always remember: don't mess with the IT people.
  2. https://babylonbee.com/news/new-oregon-trail-game-has-you-try-to-survive-a-trip-through-portland https://babylonbee.com/news/church-nursery-workers-to-be-awarded-heaven-fastpass https://babylonbee.com/news/here-are-10-reasons-putting-masks-on-school-kids-is-actually-stunning-and-brave https://babylonbee.com/news/to-defeat-delta-variant-experts-recommend-doing-all-the-things-that-didnt-work-the-first-time
  3. I have a feeling that story was a work of fiction.
  4. Some politicians are actually medical doctors. That said, yeah, politicians should actually be advising people to talk to their doctors. How many ads for whatever drug do you see on television where they make it out like if you have some sort of illness or condition you should take their drug, but they always say "talk to your doctor"?
  5. Ok, let's do a little math here... Biden is going to be 79 this November. Subtract 48 from that, and we get 31. He's been in the Senate since 1973. At that time he would have been 31. "Blue Collar" Joe was sent to a Prep School. The only job outside of politics I'm aware of him having is a Lifeguard one. Anyone else? I'm open to hearing it.
  6. Can I chime in? First, get all the "woke" nonsense out of the classroom. Less time teaching "woke" nonsense (or courses that have been changed to include "wokeness") equals more time for actual learning of subject matter and practical application thereof. I'd rather have kids who know how to calculate the area under a curve, or write a proper sentence, than learning "woke" math. And I have a legit question, Barry. What's with the way schools are funded? I know you have no control over that, but it seems to me like a really dumb way to do things. This might be statewide, but wher
  7. The "sectional" breakdown of the district is interesting. The "southeastern" part of Tarrant county (which includes parts of Arlington and Mansfield, I think) in that district had almost 340,000 registered voters. Ellis county had around 120,000 registered voters, and Navarro county had around 30,000 registered voters. Turnout wise, in the Tarrant county "section" there was a 7% turnout. There was almost a 10% turnout in Ellis, and almost an 11% turnout in Navarro. You'd think that, looking at those numbers, that Susan Wright would have had a distinct advantage, just based on th
  8. If Trump committed crimes, as so many in the media and so many Democrats have told us, why isn't DOJ charging him under Biden? I mean, if it's that obvious, you'd think that Biden's DOJ would immediately want to bring charges, right? I mean, over 500 people have been charged and arrested for the events of January 6, 2021. If Trump "Incited a riot" or "Incited an insurrection", why isn't he being charged? We can play "why didn't" games all day, Barry.
  9. Yes, it is. I've used it before. Mouse over the person's name on the left side, you'll see a pop-up come up. At the bottom of it there's an option for "ignore".
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