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  1. So would you vote for an anti-establishment D over an establishment R? Even knowing a lot of Dem policies?
  2. Maybe if the people in our government wouldn't be so ridiculous, I wouldn't make statements like that.
  3. https://notthebee.com/article/yall-gon-have-a-problem-is-this-the-united-states-congress-or-is-it-circa-1999-jerry-springer-you-be-the-judge
  4. Nah, he should have just let BLM beat him and shoot him. According to the Left, that's the proper course of action.
  5. https://notthebee.com/takes/another-gold-for-progressives-in-the-intolerance-olympics
  6. Ya know, Barry, reading your comments is evidence that you're not as into "diversity" as you like to claim.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/news/socal-district-pay-360k-teacher-231550793.html
  8. I'm not a Chiefs fan or someone who generally buys jerseys, but that's interesting.
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/texas-judge-orders-new-election-after-gop-lawsuit-challenged-2022-election-result-in-houston-area/ar-BB1mw51q?ocid=hpmsn&cvid=5c3f2406a1f347edbe359d660de1055b&ei=11
  10. They should ABSOLUTELY check them for ear pieces. On stage. Viewable by the viewing audience.
  11. Quite easily. How about you? So again, can you answer the question in this thread or not? I think it's a question you can't answer. And you know why.
  12. How about counting of the census? American citizens and their families only? That would actually reduce the number of House seats nationwide by about 12 or so.
  13. Then why are some states trying to pass legislation allowing, as you might put it, "undocumented people" to vote in state/local elections? Or are you denying that's happening?
  14. So you're saying the information in that article is false? Is that your claim? Who do YOU want voting, Barry? People who are here illegally, or only Citizens? Seems like a pretty straightforward question to answer, but I doubt you will.
  15. And the thing is, a lot of women used to WANT to be homemakers. There's nothing wrong with it, despite what the Left says. In fact, it's extremely noble.
  16. If they can, Trump's defense team should put this guy on the stand. Because one of these guys is lying or lied under oath.
  17. There's simply no appeasing the left. Ask them. They'll tell you.
  18. Campaign/Ad material is basically being created and practically handed to Republicans here. Are they smart enough to do anything with it? My guess is No.
  19. Here's your debate preview, right here:
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