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  1. Ugly on both sides, it seems. Sounds like it was a hard-fought game by both teams.
  2. Seems like we're not even trying to score now.
  3. I was at the game. The finish was LITERALLY a last-second, snap the ball with zero on the play clock, no time left TD for SOC, complete with one of their players giving the entire Ennis sideline and fans the middle finger -- literally. Before that they hit a long pass. I think SOCs QB was something like 3 for 11 on the night, but one of those was a 50+ yarder.
  4. I'm sure you do. I did have several things to do over the weekend. I had some yard work, spent some time with the wife and kiddo, did some shopping for groceries, watched some pro football, did some coding... It was actually fairly productive. So if you wanna think I'm MIA, go right ahead. No skin off my back. I know the truth, and I know what I did/didn't do. <shrug>.
  5. Last time Henderson won a state title was when, exactly? I'm not MIA. It's friggin' Monday, and I had some things to do over the weekend. Bryan played a good game, made fewer mistakes, and more big plays than we did. We couldn't ever really get going, and they did early. That's how it goes sometimes. I'm just not really that interested in the playoffs anymore. Though I'm working on something that might be fun for the good folks here at Smoaky to do next year...if I have it ready by then. Got some other projects that have precedence.
  6. Ennis with a good return after Bryan penalized for taunting on the TD. Ennis' first play from scrimmage is intercepted. That's probably gonna do it.
  7. Touchdown Bryan. That's might just do it. ENN 27 BRY 41 3:33 left in the game.
  8. Touchdown Ennis. ENN 27 BRY 34 A little less than 9 minutes to play.
  9. Bryan on the move, again. Ennis running out of time. Almost the end of the 3rd quarter. We really haven't been able to stop them all night. We need a big one.
  10. Dang. Bryan does onside kick, recovers, big play, ends up kicking FG. ENN 14 BRY 34 Early 3rd quarter.
  11. Touchdown Bryan. BRY 28 ENN 7 This is going to be an uphill climb for Ennis. We haven't even broken 100 yards yet, I think. 1:03 until half. Bryan seems to have all the momentum right now.
  12. Ennis gets a TD, but just can't stop Bryan at all right now. Got a drive going, but had to punt. Bryan pulls off fake punt, driving again. It's disgusting again.
  13. We are making all kinds of mistakes. Just can't move the ball, can't stop Bryan. To quote former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach John McKay, "We didn't block. But we made up for it by not tackling."
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