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  1. It's not a surprise why he is such a quality person. His Dad is one of the best coaches in the state of Texas.
  2. If the fight takes place in 5 months the line will be Rousey -150 Holmes +120 If the fight takes place in 9 months the line will be Rousey -280 Holmes +200 I think Holmes is a great value bet but Rousey is still the most popular fighter of all time. This will bring in action towards her and Vegas knows it. Rousey line will be over inflated again just like Tyson was well after his prime. Ronda better work hard on her stand up boxing or the same thing will happen again.
  3. Normally If it was closed before it opened they would not offer a 6 week window. Don't be so sure an outsider won't come in and surprise everyone. I know 6 high ranking 6A/5A coordinators who went to Sam Houston that would be interested in this. Just because someone is from the hometown of a small town does not make him the best choice. IMO
  4. The curse of Nolan Ryan is real. You dump the Texas Legend for a little squirrel like John Daniels and bad things will start happening. It appears that it already has! Rangers may be the worst team in the A.L this year! They may not be back in the post season in 20+ years.
  5. Names of front runners I have been told are Sam Brandt (Killeen Ellison) Brandon Green (Linden Kildare) Jerry Brakel (Burleson Centennial) Aaron Emiabyi (Ferris) Gary Autry (Hardin Simmons University)
  6. Offensive Coordinator for years in East Texas. One of the sharpest football minds in the state. No head coaching experience that I am aware of.
  7. Could not imagine a more deserving coach in the state. Coach Turner is well respected throughout the state and is one of the sharpest offensive minds in the profession. Could have taken nearly any head coaching job in the state if he wanted to. Gilmer is very lucky to have him. Good luck Coach Turner
  8. Chris James OC at Arlington High was outstanding. Head coach now at Crowley but still runs his offense and calls the plays
  9. Yes, got out of coaching for a year now is the O/C at Henderson
  10. Going to 6 man should help... I thought the athletes were there just the numbers were too low to compete in 11 man. Glad to see the community step up and do what is right for the boys. It was a complete embarrassment state wide when they had to cancel their season last year. Glad to hear Carter hung around for another year! The last thing these boys needed was another coaching change.
  11. Union Hill... I know they have had a down run! Hated to see Coach Brakel go back to 5A football. I think he could have turned it around
  12. Many say Jerry Bomar is one of the sharpest Offensive Minds in the State
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