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  1. Malakoff by 28! \ Best move by Malakoff was to bring in former Cross Roads Hd Coach Brad Wallace. Outstanding coach and football mind! Since he was done wrong by Cross Road I think Malakoff has some good karma in the bank as well.
  2. Clint Harper is getting this program right. They are better every week since he took over. I take Marshall in this one!
  3. Great matchup between two brother and two outstanding coaches who you guys like Jayden Mccollough Plano High or Joey Mccollough Plano East sibling trash talk for sure in this one!
  4. max prep is showing a 6 man schedule this year. Do you know why the forfeited their last game?
  5. How has Paris High looked since the take over of Holenburger? Will Lamar or Pitt take them down?
  6. Interested in everyone opinion on this. Many great ones to choose from I vote: MATT TURNER OF GILMER (OUTSTANDING FOOTBALL MIND)
  7. Not sure what has happened over at Union Hill. They forfeited the next season after Brakel left then went to 6 man this year. Now Max Prep is showing they forfeited last week game 2-0. Anyone have information on the situation there?
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