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  1. I don't know why your cronies RETIREDFAN or DirtyBirdFALCON89 are giving you trophies, the Blanco guy wasn't fired because of wins, or lack thereof. And Malakoff wasn't a top 5 program in 2003. It was turned into a good program. Same with Carthage. Same with Grandview, shall I keep going? Of course there's not going to be much support at a perennial loser, they ain't got it figured out. Pair them with the right leadership + community support = things CAN get turned around. Takes a little work.
  2. You're so old you don't remember the Atlanta Falcon "dirty bird?" Guess I'll need to slow down with my youngster sass...
  3. My bad, heard that deal was iffy, at best. Their baseball coach who has been there an unGodly amount of years and has so many wins is doing it the way it should be done.
  4. I have a hard time following you. I didn't draw or lodge anything.
  5. Jesus, now I have to name 5 more? This is getting exhausting. How many more sets of 5 do I have to name after that? Not sure if either one of you guys have ever been a part of a community like I'm picturing, but I have and I hope that all coaches get to experience small town Friday night when you have the overwhelming majority support from the town. It's special.
  6. Football is probably their worst sport I guess, but they make the playoffs 4 out of every 5 years. They're always in 2nd and 3rd round of basketball playoffs and they're usually really salty in baseball. So.... go practice your dirty bird or something. Quit being pissed at the world.
  7. I agree with all of that. But trying to convince these old geezers that it can be changed, turned around, and made a good environment is next to impossible.
  8. Oh they don't have success in the big 3 sports? So out of 9 schools, you pick off 1 of them? If there isn't any truth in what I'm typing, why only focus on "Buna?" Quotations go after the punctuation marks...
  9. 100% agree, no beef with that post. But, there are parents and there are communities that work together. And I believe with enough hard work, a community can go from "not a great place to be," to a winner with a bunch of the same drive and focus channeled into 1 goal. It is possible, and it does happen. See my other post.
  10. That have NOT? They aren't on the same page if they're continuously losing. I don't have insider knowledge of these towns, but on the outside, they seem to have it figured out. Crawford, Franklin, Carthage, Malakoff, Grandview, Pottsboro, Muenster, Blanco, Buna... shall I keep going?
  11. I don't understand why it has to be coach/teachers vs the community...? Everyone is working for the same goal. There are communities out there that have this figured out. It takes a group of good people that are louder than the ones that want to be negative. Relationships have to be built. I've seen it happen.
  12. Me too. That's the old timers way of thinking. It doesn't have to be like that. Especially with strong leadership at the top with excellent community relations. Everyone working in the same direction for the same goal.
  13. 100% accurate. The lack of appreciation is what is driving good or young coaches out. Tons of good coaches are staying too. To each their own. Please appreciate success that your athletic program is having. There's not many jobs that pay out less than $10/hr for people that rack their brains and lose sleep over the performance of 14-18 yr olds.
  14. I miss painting fields because of the pride you had at the end, but doing it, sucks.
  15. That's my only point I was trying to make.
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