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  1. My Newton People: Please visit the East Texas Player of the Week forum and cast your vote for Israel Bowen for Defensive Player of the week. He is currently 5 votes out of first. Deadline is 2 pm today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 tckls 5 TFL 4 Sacks
  2. Newton Faithful: Be sure to vote For Newton's Israel Bowen for Defensive Player of the week. In the forum just click on East Texas Player of the week. 10 tckls 5 TFL 4 Sacks
  3. This is fun, ill play along. Week 1: @ Daingerfield (Someone is gonna want a rematch after this Friday, plus they have a cool stadium) Week 2: vs. Caddo Mills (They have outgrown us dramatically but the rivalry is still important) Week 3: @ Cooper (Old Rivalry) Week 4: vs. Edgewood Week 5 @ Henrietta (never get to play anyone out west (of here). Think it would be cool to head that way occasionally.
  4. Honestly, i was way more impressed with EW's run game than pass game. QB definitely has a big arm but for what ever reason didn't seem to lead to many completions. Ground game is seriously overlooked but its good.
  5. Obviously, but i still think most people would rather play them in the 4th Rd than the 2nd.
  6. Good luck to yall! I doubt anyone wants to see Gunter sooner than they have to. Why would they?
  7. When DF lost vs ND, they sealed their fate with a 2nd RD matchup vs Gunter. If they get out of the 1st Rd.
  8. They run the ball 90% of the time so putting pressure on their QB isnt going to help a whole lot.
  9. This Region will come down to Holliday, Gunter and Harmony.
  10. Cooper? I can let DF being mentioned slide but Cooper?
  11. nevermind, just had to keep reading. Good for Winnsboro!!!!
  12. Good luck to both teams this week. LO losing to Como was quite embarrassing but it is what it is. All LO can do now is try to get better, GET HEALTHY and make some sort of a playoff run if they get in.
  13. As for tonight game, i see Harmony winning. Im guessing in the 50-20 range but wont be surprised if its much higher scoring by both teams.
  14. Winona on any given day can beat anyone. They have just as many athletes as anyone else. If they can get it ironed out, they will be hard for anyone to beat.
  15. The guy that played QB was nominated for player of the week so it wasnt too bad of a drop off.
  16. As far as Bi district, I think Harmony and DF are probably locks to win their matchup. But 2-3 in each district seem to be very even matchups. District 7 appears to have more Offensive firepower, District 8 definitely has the Defensive edge.
  17. Big rivalry game. Every one of them that i can remember has been a real battle. Cant remember very many 1 sided games. Im sure itll be the same tomorrow night.
  18. ugh, sounds like us as well. Its like the dang plague.
  19. How'd everyone's JV do last night? Lone Oak JV 30 Bonham JV 0
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