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  1. DeKalb schedule 2024: Mineola Pittsburg Jefferson Harmony Hughes Springs Daingerfield New Boston Redwater Queen City Hooks
  2. Heard through the grapevine that Hornets lost their QB to LE!
  3. Or maybe the heart rate got a little high from excitement when they realized that the sophomore back in 2021 who had 15 carries for 206 yards and 3 TD's was now a senior and bigger, stronger, faster and he has other dudes that can also go.
  4. Bring "JUNEBUG" back, seems like he had 5-6 years varsity experience.
  5. Actually, if you bring a lawn chair at sit at the top of the hill by the fence under the trees behind the four rows of bleachers it's not bad. Parking is a nightmare though!
  6. #Dragon89 needs to be brought back to life as (Don'tsleeponedgeofwoods). That would spice this thread up.
  7. This thread has really slowed down. Kinda like the Hooks play clock operator when the Hornets have the ball!
  8. Cutting to less than four would drastically hurt the economy with the loss of revenue from "Playoff Shirts".
  9. OK Tiger1995, just to be clear, Oleman, Cannon85, CaptHook and Eagles93 are Hooks fans.
  10. After watching film on a couple of Tiger games, I expect a good game for about a quarter and a half then DeKalb's physicality and speed will take over. I'm guessing final will be something close to DK 48-20.
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