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  1. UTSA USC TCU Toledo Troy Georgia Tulane Boise State Michigan Clemson * Tiebreaker: 19
  2. Appears as though I should have switched party affiliations this week so I could cast my vote a couple days after poll closed.
  3. Ole Miss Cincy Texas Arizona North Carolina Ohio State Clemson LSU USC Oklahoma Tiebreaker: 68
  4. Would like to see the Tigers win this game, but after watching the DeKalb contest and viewing Newton on film I think the Eagles should win comfortably.
  5. Don't have a dog in this hunt, but this thread has been entertaining.
  6. Hornets sting Eagles and make them out of tune.
  7. TCU K. State Texas Cal Iowa State Oklahoma USC Wake Forest Oregon Arkansas * Tiebreaker: 55.5
  8. DeKalb and Daingerfield actually have met once in the playoffs, (1968) Tigers won 27-12 on their way to State Championship.
  9. Dang, two weeks in a row I have to pull for the Lions. Gulp---GO LIONS!!!
  10. Hope the Hornets beat the poop out of Troup!
  11. Oklahoma Alabama Tulane Wisconsin Florida Baylor Texas Auburn Fla. State Wake Forest *Tie breaker: 37
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