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  1. Waskom can handle Gunter, but they will have to play with minimal mistakes, because Gunter will capitalize on any that they make them. Very Disiplined team.
  2. Great game by both teams!Gunter controlled the line of scrimmage most of the game and just wore Arp down with those big bodies.
  3. True true, but at least get some maroon flags! Lol but seriously cool pictures
  4. Not hating, just giving my honest opinion. Then again people like you make it hard to root for Arp.
  5. Oh well, if y'all actually make it through Gunter, Waskom will send you back to the courts too.
  6. Why on earth would we ever do that? It's all about who can spew the most #### before Friday night.
  7. He better not got to tech, because he definitely won't get many carries with their air raid offense
  8. Tell us about them too while you're at it.
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