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  1. Totally agree. Reminds of that school that won the 1A title a couple years ago. Need to play TAPPS, SPC or at the very least 6A
  2. Watching Faith Family wipe out Wichita Falls makes you appreciate just how good Silsbee was this year
  3. I understand your an Argyle supporter, but your being disrespectful to the Hardin Jefferson girls. Maybe, just maybe they were were the better team. Congratulations to them. Also congratulations to Argyle on another great season. They will still be nails in 5A. By the way, I think this should have been the championship game
  4. If you don't live in the district you have to wait a year from enrollment to play varsity sports. You can play sub varsity. If you move to the district I think it's 15 school days. Pretty common. We are not great in athletics were I teach but we still get transfer students
  5. South Oak Cliff is a cool story, but Liberty Hill has been there before. I will take Liberty Hill
  6. Yes you are correct. The game at SFA was pretty good. CH wiped them out at the Berry Center. Thank you. Memory and age
  7. The Berry Center is a nice field. I remember West Columbia and Chappel Hill played there back to back years a while ago
  8. El Campo will score some points. They will also give up lots of points. The game is a toss up. I will congratulate whoever wins
  9. Also the Ricebirds have another good back #3, can't remember his name. If you key on Owens he will get yardage
  10. This game will be like Lindale's game against Needville last year. It will be back and forth, not going to predict who will win. We are in district with El Campo. You will move the ball against them. The problem is stopping them. We did for one half. I won't talk about the second half
  11. Not sure if they have been mentioned, but Bellville is legit
  12. This is unbelievably awesome. Thank you. Made my night
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