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  1. I guess you do have a different opinion. I love my life. Talking a little trash about HS football is fun, but you take it too far! You call people names, talk bad about coaches, fans, and anything else you can think of. It's too bad that your team is not still in it, but that doesn't mean you have to bad mouth the ones that are. Just state your opinion in a respectful way and go with it. Man, I'm actually glad that I'm a redneck and not you. It must really #### to be you with all the hate you spew.
  2. By the way, I'm a redneck and proud of it. Sounds like I'm going to have to stand in line to get to you. Just have a little pride and go away.
  3. I tried to tell you that you were the biggest clown on this forum but you wouldn't listen. lol! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY respects your opinion. Not Yoe fans, or Teague fans. Just go away and hope that your team is relevent next year!
  4. lol. This coming from you, the biggest clown on the forum. Please ignore the rest of my posts because I am surely going to ignore yours. This is the first and last time I will engage you. I am way out of your league.
  5. Let me rephrase my earlier post. Smith is hard to hit. He is very elusive for a big back. He is one of if not the best RB in 3A. I believe this game was destined to happen since the beginning of the year. Yoe is a great football team but so is Teague. This is how Texas high school football is supposed to be. Should be a great game. I apologize, should have worded it different.
  6. Traion is good but he doesn't like to get hit. Teague will light him up.
  7. I went to the 1st half of the Yoe/Grandview game and all of the Teague/West game. This will be a great game but I have to go with Teague.
  8. I was at the game. I never said that ya'll didn't have a chance. I was just saying that the Yoe fans were concerned as they should have been. Also, I was replying to Yoemen06's comment "Teague. lol!" No respect. I'll leave it at that.
  9. I'm refering to this comment. You have no respect for Teague at all and you should. You say Yoe is head and shoulders better than they were last year well, so is Teague. Yoe barely got by Malakoff (Malakoff is a good team). But Teague is considerably better than Malakoff. I wouldn't be so sure that the winner of Yoe/Grandview will be the team representing Region 3.
  10. Funny that you are not giving Teague any respect being that they gave Yoe all they could handle last year. Teague made mistakes and Yoe didn't, that's the was the only difference in the outcome. Don't get me wrong, Yoe won straight up and for that I will give them credit. But, if you say that you weren't VERY concerned going into the 4th quarter of that game you would probably be the only Yoe fan that wasn't. And you would probably be lying. Teague is as good if not better this year. The Offense is going to score and score alot but what has changed since last year is Teague's defense. They have only allowed 12.4 ppg since district started. So, keep sleeping on Teague. That's ok, that's how they like it. Better worry about getting past Grandview this week because I can assure you that Teague is not looking past West.
  11. Mik'kail Shepherd played his best game in a Teague uniform last night. He stayed calm, cool and collected throughout the game. He showed why he is a true leader of this team. Defensively, it was a collective team effort but Dylan Crawford played like his hair was on fire! Also, Major Burrell played lights out too. He had the task of guarding #18 Lara from Rockdale. Although Lara made some plays, Burrell was outstanding! Great job by the Teague Lions!!!
  12. Teague has averaged 46.7 points per game while only giving up 15.8 per game. That does not include the game against Mabank (who didn't make the playoffs) that was cancelled. Also, Teague has played their 2nd and 3rd string players in the second half for most of those games. I'm pretty sure Rockdale will not hold them to just 21 points. Meanwhile, Rockdale has averaged 41.1 points per game and allowing 28.4 points per game. Rockdale may have played their back ups in alot of those games as well but the numbers say Teague wins this one.
  13. Teague big. Teague's offense is too explosive and their defense is too dominate. Even if Rockdale slows the Teague offense down they wont stop them completely. And I think the Teague defense will shut down the Rockdale offense. And just in case you are wondering if I have seen Rockdale play the answer is yes. They are a good football team. I just don't think they are the caliber of Teague. JMO
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