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  1. Gotta pull for the Lions from here on. Great year for Crockett Dogs.
  2. Crockett has to use the air ball and slow the clock second half . Franklin will eat the clock .
  3. Crockett may be underdog with some but this game is wide open. If I was a betting man it would go with Crockett to win this one.
  4. I'm with you Reddog. I know Crockett will be in this one all the way .
  5. Newton had their #9 against Crockett. He was injured late in the Crockett game and if it weren't for his coverage and running speed we probably wouldn't have beat Crockett. He had the speed to cover the receivers. He has been out the rest of the season since that game. Gonna be a good game tho. May the best team win.
  6. Mufasa it's a District 11 thing. I promise if the Lions win I will be by the Lions side the rest of the way to NRG..
  7. Was hoping to make the drive over but not to be standing. Never been to this stadium.
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