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  1. The black and GOLD of Winona will continue to struggle mightily.
  2. I think he will be CHASEing after that job.
  3. I was told it was because they don't want anyone on it. The field is garbage.
  4. You have yet to prove me wrong in anything I have said. You have yet to prove I contradicted myself. It won't matter. Winona will beat Quitman, and Arp will lose to Troup. I'm done wasting my time. Goldmember out!
  5. No. I said the score does not matter.
  6. I absolutely love how multiple times, TODAY, you have tried to call me on something I said to try and catch me and you have been wrong! EVERYTIME!
  7. Because for any of this to even matter you have to win!
  8. How did I contradict myself? How low is your reading level? Is there a special hat they make you wear in arp for being the village idiot? Troup is a 5 win team (fact) they would not matter in a tiebreaker (fact). Better to let people think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and erase all doubt!
  9. Troup! They haven't beaten Arp in a few years. Played them close the last couple. They get it together and make Arp air up the basketballs.
  10. Bet it is. I'm tired to making you look bad on this target and you clearly don't understand. That and this all hinges on Arp beating Troup. I don't see that happening this year. Goldmember out!
  11. These guys don't agree with you. And I know there are more on other threads.
  12. So Grand Saline holds a 27 point victory over Winona (but most district have a point cap to keep teams from running it up on people at 17) and a 3 point loss to Arp. So they are +14 Winona has a 27 point loss to GS (points are capped on wins and loses) and a 16 point win to Arp so they are -1. Arp has a 16 point loss to Winona and a 3 point victory to GS. Making them -13. In the tiebreaker with GS +14, Winona -1, and Arp -13, Arp is out. Now I know that might be complicated for you, so. Maybe you can find somebody to read that to you and explain it in person.
  13. Yes and it is the collective point differential in those games.
  14. And when you are saying one thing and EVERYBODY ELSE is saying the same thing, maybe you are the one that is wrong!
  15. You are clearly clueless has to how tiebreakers work! Clearly!
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