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  1. West Rusk doesn’t get to 12-0 and into the 3rd round if they are a bad/soft football team or whatever else negative people want to throw at them. Daingerfield doesn’t get to 10-2 and the 3rd round if they are simple/just out athleting people or whatever else you want to throw at them. The 4 teams left in region 3 are all VERY good football teams. It’s the only region left with all 4 district champions. You’d be hard pressed to find a more loaded regional final 4 in the state.
  2. Huge, huge, huge next month for Sark and the football program as a whole. Need to find a way to stop the bleeding and get positive momentum going again. Find a way to win these last 3 and you are probably looking at the Texas Bowl against a mid-level SEC team (think Auburn, Tennessee, Kentucky). You somehow find a way to win that one and you have some really solid momentum built up heading into the spring and next season. All that said though…you have to win these next 3. They are all winnable. Their is nothing remotely scary about any of those 3. I am personally pulling for Sark to make the switch back to Card at QB. I’ve been saying it the whole time (when I post) that I think Sark had it right when he named Card out of camp, and just an unfortunate turn of circumstances in the Arkansas game forced his hand in switching to Thompson. We’ll never know the truth, but I think the plan all along was to get to Oklahoma with no worse than 1 loss with card at QB and then let em hang over the course of October and see if you are good enough to survive, by big 12 standards, a pretty difficult stretch of games. October 2nd through November 6th was as tough a stretch as this conference can produce and it showed some glaring problems that have to be addressed in the off-season. We’ll find out how good Sark and his coaching staff are real quick next year to see if those issues have been addressed.
  3. I’ll echo what others have said…Waskom should win comfortably but larger margins of should be wins have been flipped. Good luck to both teams.
  4. Hooks wanted no part of Daingerfield…I don’t see them wanting any part of West Rusk either
  5. Very fair assessment. Big chance for the Aggies to keep knocking on the door. There are enough quality wins left on their remaining schedule to push them into NY6 range if they can win out.
  6. Still a lot of football left…but going to be an interesting Spring in longhorn land. QB position is far from settled. Lots of moving and shaking to be done to improve the OL. Herman and Strong both kept poor assistant hires for too long and it cost them their jobs, does Sark adjust at all after 1 year?
  7. I know it hasn’t been pretty but isn’t Tech 5-3? Have to wonder if there were some back door promises for Cumbie
  8. Considering SA is giving up almost 46 points a game I don’t know that I’d call that an edge
  9. I just think Card fits the mold of a Sarkisian QB better. IMO that mold is a QB who knows where the ball is supposed to go, when it’s supposed to go there and what to do with the ball when that’s not there. That’s not been Thompson in his time at UT.
  10. No one really responded too it earlier this week but I’ll say it again…I think the last few games have proven why Card was the choice out of fall camp. Thompson has deficiencies. The offense has been down right brutal when he has to make legitimate reads. Think about the big plays he does make in the pass game…screens or PA shots down field where the ball is almost pre determined to go. Whoever it was posting about the scripting of the plays backs up my point. The opening script plays get practiced multiple times a day more than likely. They are designed based on what the defense has shown on film. Once you have to get off script (either the flow of the game dictates it or the defense adjusts) Thompson has struggled, quite badly some times.
  11. Think it would be hard to keep out an 8-3 SFA team but crazier things have happened. SFA has to actually win out though. No telling what offense you are going to get from drive to drive much less game to game.
  12. Determining factor of this game is the harmony offense vs the west rusk defense. I think west rusk has the advantage when it comes to West Rusk O vs Harmony D. But if Harmony can keep west rusk on defense then this one gets REAL interesting. Against teams that have a pulse, Harmony has scored in the 20s and held their opponent to the same general area score wise. They are literally content as can be to get 3-4 yards, wait 40 seconds and get 3-4 more yards and repeat. West Rusk gotta find a way to get them off the field and let their advantage run it’s course. If WR let’s them establish long drives then that puts pressure on WR O to make plays because they know their chances will be limited. Some teams thrive in those scenarios, some teams pucker. Really think we can find out a lot about WR this week.
  13. You are the undisputed king in a southern football state. You have very recent big success. I don’t know that I can name 5 current college coaches who turn this down.
  14. I personally think we are seeing why Card was named the starter out of fall camp. Thompson looked good initially…but I don’t think he is any better right now than he was a month ago. I really think Sarkisian thought Arkansas was going to go better than it did, and Card would’ve been able to ride out any storms before getting to this current stretch. But the Arkansas fiasco was so bad and Card was never able to flip the mojo that game that Sark was almost forced to try Thompson. And then when he lit it up, you had to roll with him.
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