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  1. I don’t think there is such a huge gap between these teams as people are making it out to be. Gladewater and Tatum compared to Anahuac and Woodville is probably a push or close to it. Center probably beats both Jasper and WOS this year. Timpson is the one that you really don’t know how to compare them to anyone because of size. Folks should probably just realize that if both teams bring their A game, it could be a dandy.
  2. You said never. Last time I checked, this current season is as relevant as humanly possible.
  3. Alabama? The team who halfway through the year was leading the country in penalties per game?
  4. Neither team has beaten a good team. New Waverly is the closest thing to a good win on either schedule. Truly a toss up that could go either way.
  5. I didn’t say it was going to be. I simply said if they both play their A game. Both have shown that they tend to not play clean, solid, 3 phase football. My personal opinion is West Rusk is quite a bit more talented, but are very beatable if they don’t bring their best effort.
  6. West Rusk A game vs Pewitt A game and West Rusk wins quite easily.
  7. Center as long as the group who played Rusk doesn’t get off the bus.
  8. Really good 1st round game here. Hooks is playing good overall ball. Troup has scored a bunch but really struggled to stop anyone.
  9. Edgewood scores lots of points. How they handle De Kalb’s pressure is going to go a long way towards determining this outcome.
  10. By comparison, NW also scored 34 & 35 on Warren and Anderson-Shiro…
  11. I can’t decide who is serious in the first 3-4 pages and who is stirring just to stir.
  12. Wins for the 4 playoff teams in District 9 Non-District: Sabine, Mineola, Rains, Eustace, White Oak, Buffalo, Pewitt, Commerce, Scurry-Rosser, Elkhart Losses: Malakoff, Tatum, Cooper, Palmer, Carlisle District 10 Wins: Elysian Fields, Harmony, Tenaha, Hawkins, Queen City Losses: Jefferson, Cooper, Winnsboro, Mount Vernon, Troup, Atlanta comparing those 2 I’d say district 9 should fare well in bi-district.
  13. That’s the scenario for the top few teams in this region.
  14. I’m going to say this is how the bracket looks Saturday morning: West Rusk vs Pewitt Hemphill vs Waskom Hooks vs Grand Saline Harmony vs New Waverly Daingerfield vs Anderson-Shiro De Kalb vs Troup Newton vs Hughes Springs Edgewood vs New Boston In the games that affect standings this week. West Rusk over Edgewood and Troup over Grand Saline to force a 3 way tie for 2nd. Points will turn it out as Edgewood, Troup, Grand Saline. Hooks over New Boston, De Kalb over Redwater and Pewitt over Chism. Daingerfield over Harmony and Waskom over Hughes Springs. Newton over New Waverly and Anderson-Shiro over trinity.
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