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  1. There’s the Keller led SFA that I have come to know
  2. On one hand Tenaha is getting a 93-52 record head coach. on the other…well
  3. Not gonna lie, didn’t see that run coming.
  4. You put Mineola Open as the title so was confused.
  5. I thought Luke Blackwell was the AD/HFC at Mineola?
  6. We are talking about a tournament. The whole point of a tournament is to produce the best representative as champion. When a tournament is based on seeds (as the state playoffs are, hence your district seed mattering as far as to where you fall in the bracket) there is going to be a reward for being a better seed. That’s just the nature of tournaments, because again the goal of a tournament is to produce the best possible champion. And again, it’s not set up 1 v 4 and 2 v 3. It’s simply the two best records are guaranteed to not play each other in the semifinals.
  7. Brock Grigsby. Been with Meeks since he started.
  8. If (and yes it’s a big if) Texas gets better/consistent OL play they have a chance to be above average to really good on offense next year. The pieces that have the “right” potential for Sarks offensive style are in place. It might still be a year away, but we should be able to see improvement for sure.
  9. You are right. 2018 they were in Region 2 which is what i was thinking of. Completely forgot they were in the the regional tournament last year in Region 3.
  10. Haven’t they been to a regional tournament or two recently? That’s hard to do at the 4A level in region 2 considering you gotta dance with DFW
  11. Didn’t rose use to do a kickoff classic? I feel like I remember watching Gilmer and Jasper play there at least once on a Thursday to start the season.
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