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  1. Once in my life I want to get to the RRR in THE cotton bowl.
  2. If there was ever a year for DeKalb to get the W this is it
  3. My personal thoughts are I like what Carthel has done with the culture. I like what Carthel has done with the defense. I do not like what Carthel has done with the offense. 2 years in a row you can squarely place the BOTPW squarely on the offenses shoulders due to poor 2nd half performances. Too much talent and too many better schemes/systems out there to consistently be average on offense.
  4. He has an OC. Matt Storm. Been with him for awhile, since A&M Commerce I believe.
  5. McGuire had the gameplan that played to win the game in all 3 phases. On offense, they took advantage of 4th down when it wasn’t ludicrous to do so. On defense, they played a bunch of press man to take away the easy stuff and brought pressure at Card (a backup QB). They never wavered when down in the 2nd half and trusted the plan. Texas should have had the same defensive gameplan as Tech. Dare the backup QB to beat you with pressure in his face and tight coverage. Instead, as has been noted, Texas didn’t consistently send pressure and didn’t consistently play tight coverage. The result? Poor yard per play/attempt sure, but when Tech showed they were content to take the short stuff and go for it on 4th down, that approach was no longer sound. Tech game-planned like a team trying to win, Texas game-planned like a team trying not to lose.
  6. I think Waskom will be too much for EF. If you are EF I’d think your goal is to come out of this one healthy and ready to play out the remainder of the schedule. Big game with Harmony after this which could decide 3rd place.
  7. Carlisle has looked really good. They should be fine in district if they bring their A game. Tenaha has the upper hand for 2nd. Would be shocked if anyone below them knocks them off. Cushing is a step down from the top 2 for sure, but should take the 3rd spot. Mt E and Overton battle it out for the last spot. Not sure who is gonna take that one.
  8. Joaquin always tends to lose a game in district that they shouldn’t. I think this sets up as that type of game. The Rams should win…but.
  9. You are what your record says you are…but in high school ball who you have played does matter. Daingerfield 2 losses are 2 losses that just about everyone would collect in this region. Isn’t this right about the time last year that Daingerfield started dropping 50 on everyone until their QB got hurt? And defensively…who in this district, or region for that matter can put on the field what Timpson and Center did on offense? I think you’ve got a chance to see the Tigers start to get on a roll and get the engine running on all cylinders.
  10. Winner of this one gets a big leg up in the race for the playoffs. Elysian Fields has lost to 2A playoff teams. QC has thumped 2A non playoff teams. Hard to get a good judge on this one.
  11. 34-3 with the backup QB after you withstood UTSAs best punch over the first quarter plus of action. As has been mentioned…UTSA has a really good coaching staff. They have had this gameplan set for a while more than likely and just fine tuned it after watching the first 2 games. Over the course of normal play, they scored 10 points. You can’t discredit the trick play, but Texas played it about as good as you can and just missed the PBU by literally an inch. I know it felt like a bend but don’t break approach on D…but I personally thought it was a good plan. UTSA quarterback is a dude, you can’t just blitz like crazy on him can he can be deadly out of the pocket. You also can’t just leave your DBs on islands all game long either because the UTSA receivers are really good. Looked like Texas plan was to try to keep the big play from happening and dare a below average OL to overpower them in the run game. Harris and his receiving core are power 5 caliber. The OL and run game this year, not so much.
  12. 4 weeks in this is where I’m at barring injuries. 1) Tatum. Nobody in the district can throw it alone like the teams that exposed Tatums secondary. And ain’t nobody in this district got the defense to consistently stop Tatum. It won’t be easy by any means, and they may not do it going 5-0, but I think Tatum winds up with the 1 seed. 2) Gladewater. Still think they are going to be ok. Too much talent to not be in the mix of things. Come out of Tatum healthy and they should be capable of running off the last 4 in a row. 3) Atlanta. Most impressed by their improvement for sure. Don’t think they have the offensive skill or scheme to knock off either one of Gladewater or Tatum. Think they will out physical Jefferson. They’ll have to be locked in, but new coach seems to have them heading in the right direction. 4) Jefferson. One of the more frustrating teams overall. Look like they have a bunch of talent, but haven’t handled good competition well. Think they sneak in but it could very well come down to game 10 against Sabine for the final spot. 5) Offense will keep them in some games, defense will wind up being what costs them. Good enough though on offense that if you make mistakes, they can be in it till the end. 6) White Oak. Bring on fishing season.
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