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  1. There’s the Keller led SFA that I have come to know
  2. On one hand Tenaha is getting a 93-52 record head coach. on the other…well
  3. Not gonna lie, didn’t see that run coming.
  4. You put Mineola Open as the title so was confused.
  5. I thought Luke Blackwell was the AD/HFC at Mineola?
  6. We are talking about a tournament. The whole point of a tournament is to produce the best representative as champion. When a tournament is based on seeds (as the state playoffs are, hence your district seed mattering as far as to where you fall in the bracket) there is going to be a reward for being a better seed. That’s just the nature of tournaments, because again the goal of a tournament is to produce the best possible champion. And again, it’s not set up 1 v 4 and 2 v 3. It’s simply the two best records are guaranteed to not play each other in the semifinals.
  7. Brock Grigsby. Been with Meeks since he started.
  8. If (and yes it’s a big if) Texas gets better/consistent OL play they have a chance to be above average to really good on offense next year. The pieces that have the “right” potential for Sarks offensive style are in place. It might still be a year away, but we should be able to see improvement for sure.
  9. You are right. 2018 they were in Region 2 which is what i was thinking of. Completely forgot they were in the the regional tournament last year in Region 3.
  10. Haven’t they been to a regional tournament or two recently? That’s hard to do at the 4A level in region 2 considering you gotta dance with DFW
  11. Didn’t rose use to do a kickoff classic? I feel like I remember watching Gilmer and Jasper play there at least once on a Thursday to start the season.
  12. 100% in agreement that the bigs have been underwhelming and were a huge reason for disappointment last night. Several of them shrank from the moment instead of rising and raising their game. Zero argument from me on that.
  13. I’ll respectfully disagree with the last paragraph. If those are the only 2 games you have watched you aren’t doing yourself justice. Gonzaga may very well play for it all again…and Tech is just as good, if not better defensively than what Texas is. They may not finish there, but they have the 4th most wins in the best conference in college basketball. They are no slouch. Are they as good as they could be? Absolutely not. But they are getting better. They are a top 5-10 defensive team in the nation. That to me says beard has a plan on how to win. He recognizes this isn’t a great offensive team, but has them bought into playing their tail off on defense. Also, yes there is lots of dribbling that gets frustrating, but if you look at what they do over the course of the game, they make adjustments. They wound up shooting 19 free throws after having 0, or maybe 2, at halftime. That shows they played more aggressive. Another stat from last night, they took 23 3’s…which when you take into account that they were behind pretty much the whole game, shows that they have some discipline to their offense and they aren’t just jacking it up. They are trying to find good shots and not just settling. Think about how many times you saw a kick out off the penetration and Texas didn’t immediately shoot. That goes to show there was a plan. Last one, when Texas clawed their way back in and cut it to 6 well into the 2nd half, watch the off ball movement on offense. You saw Ramey making cross floor cuts and other guards to mess with the help defense. You saw the bigs setting ball screens and down screens. It wasnt necessarily great, but it was good offense.
  14. Texas is really, really good on defense. And really, really struggle on offense. I think Beard is going to get it going, but it wasn’t an instant fix and the fact that he has them competitive this year speaks volumes in my opinion. Gotta nail the recruiting to but no reason to think he won’t.
  15. Don’t sleep on De Kalb in division 2. They return pretty much everyone.
  16. I tend to agree with this. Once upon a time you could hang your hat on SFA under Keller playing their tails off for 40 minutes on defense and that helping to create offense, on top of them actually being decent on offense. I don’t see the same intensity on defense, and it’s just very stagnant on the offensive end. Again, hard for me to watch. I do, and will continue to do so, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily enjoy it. I know it’s a different style of basketball that Keller wants to play…but where are the offensive threats that SFA had in the Underwood era? Always felt like there were multiple guys on those teams who were knockdown shooters but were too small or not fast enough or whatever excuse big boys wanted to use, along with some studs who could get buckets almost anyway they needed with the same poor adjectives attached to them. Basicallly they had upper level talent, but got pigeonholed because of their size. Now? I feel like it’s just a bunch of guys who fit the high major profile physically but just aren’t as talented. If that makes any sense at all.
  17. As homerun of a hire as you can get. How many sitting head coaches are out there with multiple state titles to their name? Great job by Tatum to get out of their own way and not screw this up. It may crash and burn but don’t know how Tatum could’ve realistically done any better.
  18. SFA just scored 41 points in a 40 minute basketball game…BLEH
  19. I know I’ve said it once or twice…but really an incredible class that will go down on paper as possibly the best ever recruiting class. A&M is definitely closing the talent gap. Obviously you need some good luck throughout the year…but it’s hard to argue against A&M breaking into the CFP sooner rather than later.
  20. A&M absolutely raked em in this year. Quite impressive. How many of these guys have a chance to be players in year 1?
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