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  1. Never did look at your profile pic. Lol Now this discussion makes a lot more sense. Lol As a Sabine fan we now have a mutual opponent. What do you think Malakoff will need to do to pull out the W against Pottsboro. Did you watch the game in person?
  2. Must be another kicker I was thinkin. There was another kid in the region who had booted a couple 40+ yarders. I thought that it was you guys.
  3. Gotta give the guy some love when he makes the play. Looks like this week could have a couple of great kickers, which is rare these days.
  4. Hey man, don’t hate! Lol That’s noteworthy! Lol
  5. Watching the Potts vs. VA film... VA defended the pass REALLY well in my opinion, but at the expense of letting Potts run all over them. I would like to think that we match up a little better at the LOS to not have to completely load the box to limit the rushing yards. Most teams seemed to move the ball of them, but they didn’t all finish and most teams came up with a couple stops on them. We shall see I suppose.
  6. I do worry about playing soft because they could definitely make a living throwing for 5-7 yards every time. I’d like to see us throw a press at them from time to time and/or show press and back out to keeP the QB honest. If we can come up with a couple stops or so, I think we can edge out the win.
  7. I felt like we had to play off the Jeffy receivers out of respect for their speed. I noticed that Sabine at least occasionally jammed the receivers at the line and had a deep safety or 2 over top. I don’t know how much overall speed Potts has at the receiver position, but we might be able to man up on them better that we could Jeffy. If our front can manage the LOS without loading the box I think we could give them some problems, but we’ll see. I’d be afraid to let that QB nickel and dime us to death with 5-7 yard passes. It will be a challenge to navigate their balanced attack. I personally feel like our running game will be a big issue for them, and if they stop that it will take extra bodies. We just can’t give up the big pass plays on D.
  8. I’m STILL seeing life in slow motion right now. Lol
  9. I’ll take Malakoff, but we gotta look into the passing defense. The RB for Potts looks a little more like a power back which I don’t think will give us as many fits as we had this this week, but that QB can throw to plenty of targets and he does it well. They did it to us last year too. We gotta really work that aspect this week for the defense.
  10. So... anyone watching, following, or listening to the Potts game? A very different team than this week. Sounds like that QB is really spreading the ball around in the WR corps.
  11. I gotta say they certainly did hang in there and stick with the game plan. There were a lot of 3rd And 4th down plays where we needed 3 or 2 yards where we got met in the backfield and and had to lean on our bruising backs to make it happen and they produced. That says a LOT about those kids and their heart. As much as I hated playing on a Thursday, the extra day of rest will come in handy for our boys after that barn burner last night.
  12. I don’t know the answer to the question I’m about to ask, and I’m not criticizing, but just curious. When a team starts stacking the box like Jeffy did... like 9-10 players in the box. I know we were still able to move the ball a little, but is there any way to counter that with a pop pass or something? Again, I feel like we will see a lot of that moving forward and wonder if we could make that happen. They were completely dedicated to the run. Any kind of a short pass would have hurt.
  13. I’ve spent a little time hangin out Coach Lane this week, talk about good coaches and mentors. He’s just one of the best. They’ve been mixing and matching some of the big boys to find the right combo for the o line, and this week might be the best one yet! I love that they keep it fresh week in and week out. Coach Watkins just draws up the schemes that work and this week will be no different. Not to mention, these men are incredible classroom teachers as well. They help all the kids achieve off the field as well.
  14. Let’s switch it up a little. Here in Mally we know that 21 and 5 are offensive players to watch. Anyone else? How about defensive players? Just tryin to keep it fresh. I’m enjoying g this thread. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much opportunity for dialogue until now. Lol
  15. 56 plays hard and is always around the pile. That D front is pretty solid, but it will be a clash of the titans just like last year.
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