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  1. Man this was the championship game period. I don’t see anyone matching up with Carthage from here on out!!!!!!
  2. Hey I agree I don’t see anything wrong with what they were saying, heck are u suppose to hug and hold hands before the game lol
  3. Man I loved it this is war ain’t no rules to war y’all gotta stop with all the soft stuff.
  4. Yea I’m not saying the outcome would of been different but that was a huge play in the game is all I’m saying.
  5. I’m not speaking what ifs the interception happened and by the way go try and win a game in Spring Hill lol. The better team won tonight and Surratt will always own Metzel period.
  6. Naw that was a huge momentum play tho so u never know how it would have turned out honestly.
  7. Good luck Hawks get it done for East Texas
  8. Not Bad after losing Traylor now we will see how well Carthage will do after Surratt leaves
  9. I gave u Kilgore but center,rusk and Marshall wasn’t that good. You can say they’re are 18 all u want but when ur not use to playing a whole game it matters, prolly not so much with the skill kids but for the boy In the trenches it do.
  10. Honestly the only good team Carthage has played was Kilgore the first game of the season. I’m not knocking them because it’s hard to find teams to play them. The UIL hurt them with putting them in Reg 2 so it took two games away from them in us and PG. I think if we can somehow keep it close late into the game will fatigue become a factor since most of the starters don’t know how it feel to play in the 4th qtr.
  11. Braylon ward will be the best defensive lineman Carthage will have faced so far. If he can blow up some plays and cause cuff to move off his spot Gilmer will have a chance
  12. Facts we go away from what we do as soon as it don’t work 1 or two times
  13. That’s because we wanna stick to the book no matter what while Surratt is playing with no rules. We worry about feelings in Gilmer now, we have always played a lot of kids but With Jeff when it was a big game he rode his horses. Metzel is gonna have to call the plays if we want to have a chance because Lipsey has shown he’s no match for that D-coordinator
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