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  1. Dfield and Atlanta is a head scratcher
  2. I wasn’t pointing fingers but just asking a question. Because a lot of our issues this yr was kids not doing their job. I mean u can’t coach having 3 kids in position to makes tackles but they still miss them.
  3. Is that a coaches problem or kids being soft and not wanting to tackle
  4. If u go watch the game u will see a bunch of backups in the game and if we gonna do that then why is Carthage so low they didn’t give up many points and only lost to the champs.
  5. Their defense was better because of the teams they played, heck u seen our defense when we played sorry teams lol
  6. Bellville in front of us and we beat them throw this list away lol
  7. This picture is from his mom and dad’s facebook smh
  8. Oh man he’s just mad cause Argyle is a past tense
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