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  1. Hey don’t say y’all I can’t speak for those that really look into scrimmages like a game lol.
  2. Hahahahaha you can’t be serious bringing up a scrimmage that nobody prepares for haha that’s all I needed to hear lol.
  3. Once again Gilmer was without its best player Tate!!! I can promise you PG hasn’t seen a team with a good offense. The only team that has an ok offense was the private school that caused PG some problems. With our schedule I think it has gave the coaches some good film to try to put together a game plan.
  4. I promise you PG secondary won’t hold up. Tate didn’t play against Paris
  5. Yes that’s on the kids because they have assignments that they constantly fail at. I understand coaches coach but sometimes it’s not worth he X’s and O’s but the Jimmy and the joes.
  6. Yea I think the kids are just not getting the job done but I do also think some of the position coaches are playing favoritism and not holding kids accountable.
  7. Offense has scored 53,23,43,59 and 82 lol so i guess they just gonna try and outscore everyone lol.
  8. All I gotta say is if Will Henderson get any space nobody in tx can catch him
  9. Man officiating been so bad all over it’s crazy. I know it’s a shortage but man
  10. U must forgot he was at whitehouse playing Quarterback before he moved to Dfield. He was a beast with those Tyler high kids back in the day.
  11. Hampton played QB all his life he would definitely be my starter
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