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  1. We couldn’t find a 5th game and then our original bye week
  2. They prolly thought we were playing y’all lol
  3. Idk it’s some questions at some positions for the Bucs so anything can happen.
  4. 4aD2 #2 Gilmer vs 4aD1 #3 Chapel Hill
  5. #3 Chapel Hill #8 Kilgore #19 paris #13 Lindale all 4a d1 schools
  6. Don’t even have to listen to know 4a reg2 is the toughest lol
  7. This is teams worst nightmare to see teams like Tatum,Dfield run this type of offense with the athletes they have. Also with the coach coming in the spring giving him a chance to install his offense was big.
  8. Yea the kid that’s about to be a Jr currently rated a 4star is suppose to be moving to Carthage
  9. I thought Brock moved up to 4a division 2
  10. I say it all the time these coaches don’t care about the kids point blank period. I would never stop a kid if he doesn’t wanna play at my school or whatever the case. Im tired of hearing that coaches have so much integrity when stuff like this happens.
  11. I know our school doesn’t have off season basketball for boys or for baseball but I guess that’s why we are horrible at both. I think u limit kids when u neglect other sports. So why should a coach be allowed to require kids to play more than one sport if they don’t put the effort in having an all around program.
  12. Yea I like LE coach u can tell he has a good spirit and loves teaching young men.
  13. We are about to really see how good metzel is because the last two yrs he has played with kids that came up under coach Turner. This will be the first yr that he plays with kids that has came up under his system and his beliefs so we will see how it goes.
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