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  1. I think this game will be much like the last one. Watched the Quinlan game and PG offense just isn’t gonna be able to keep up
  2. Hahaha we just played a couple of weeks ago so I doubt they have improved that much lol
  3. Never would of thought I would ever say Surratt choked, but this play calling trying to give number 2 the ball is crazy. The wade kid is the best playmaker Carthage has but he only played defense for some reason
  4. Man I will be watching this game on my phone. I think Longview can get the job done how their QB been playing.
  5. Man it seem like number 11 should of been playing QB
  6. How do u have that many kids in ur HS and u can’t find a QB
  7. I thought he would put the ball in 21 or 2 hands but he ran with a power player
  8. I think the coach choked at the end of the game hate to see them lose like that
  9. This will be the best game in the state. Number 2 vs 5 in the second round of the playoffs is crazy.
  10. MP is a basketball school now
  11. @WolverBeanwhy you give me the lol u must not like the move at QB
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