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  1. Talked with his dad at the regional track meet and that’s what he said
  2. To bad the kid doesn’t play football is strictly a track guy
  3. Will have no problem taking it with what I seen at the elite 11 camp. Longview will have a gun slinger for sure.
  4. Wow let’s see if that hurts them from getting the move-ins
  5. I agree I remember when u took the TAAS test in the 8th grade and Jr yr. I just think a lot of kids gets nervous because of how much pressure they’re are under if they don’t pass. How are they gonna say it’s a chance u won’t graduate if u don’t pass the staar test that’s crazy.
  6. I hate that teachers have to teach towards a test instead of just teaching like back in the day.
  7. They can still not gonna help
  8. Yea I think our QB will be a lot better, not bad making it to state ur first yr starting. Also with our coach it being his first time in the big game as the head coach I’m sure it’s some things he wished he had done different. With both teams returning majority of its roster it should be a rematch barring any injuries.
  9. I think it will be Carthage vs Gilmer again and seeing it being closer but not sure if we can pull it all the way out
  10. That’s why his son transferred back to the dfw area
  11. Yea I honestly think we will be better this coming up yr than we were this past yr
  12. Yes! Our game was really intense and could of went any way but u guys made the plays when it counted
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