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  1. I don’t think they will have a problem getting up especially with it being against PG. Also they only scored 17 against Quinlan with their QB I don’t think it will matter honestly.
  2. I think this game will be much like the last one. Watched the Quinlan game and PG offense just isn’t gonna be able to keep up
  3. Hahaha we just played a couple of weeks ago so I doubt they have improved that much lol
  4. Never would of thought I would ever say Surratt choked, but this play calling trying to give number 2 the ball is crazy. The wade kid is the best playmaker Carthage has but he only played defense for some reason
  5. Man I will be watching this game on my phone. I think Longview can get the job done how their QB been playing.
  6. Man it seem like number 11 should of been playing QB
  7. How do u have that many kids in ur HS and u can’t find a QB
  8. I thought he would put the ball in 21 or 2 hands but he ran with a power player
  9. I think the coach choked at the end of the game hate to see them lose like that
  10. This will be the best game in the state. Number 2 vs 5 in the second round of the playoffs is crazy.
  11. MP is a basketball school now
  12. @WolverBeanwhy you give me the lol u must not like the move at QB
  13. Man Longview with a running QB is gonna be hard to stop because u can’t double the WR like you want to and there is nobody in tx that can cover hale 1 on 1
  14. Lol they didn’t even give him a chance and the kids picked up a offer without playing the position that should tell ur coach something
  15. Should of been put the kid that plays safety in just my opinion
  16. I would say y’all are just a basketball school these days lol
  17. Man tatum is about to become a homecoming game with losing 27 kids and this was ur best group in a min
  18. Tatum talked all that stuff about gladewater getting beat in the first round and now they do it with the team they’ve been waiting on for 10 yrs smh
  19. Man I’m rooting for pitt but u can bet we want kick a FG from the 2 yard line or kick a FG when it’s 4th and 1 from the 15. But hey I hope y’all make it I really do I’ve always liked pitt and thought they should of let baca go sooner than they did.
  20. Man why are they playing this game in Tatum? Super nice stadium but a little bit far for hooks, could of played in like Ore city or something
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