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  1. Yes morris has some offers.
  2. I said our offense was the problem.
  3. 28-6. LCM defense been on the field for awhile.
  4. 21-6 kilgore now in the 4th
  5. I mean its a down season from last year. Hopefully it will be a good 4 quarters.
  6. LCM is in the spread. Its the lack of receivers catching the ball. If they are out sync it will be a long night. Defense they run a 4-3. Dline is pretty good #90 is a Texas Tech commit. Line backers and secondary are pretty young we lost most of our defense last year
  7. @Hagar i dont know if you read books but Coach Cornel Thompson is writing two books one over 50 defense and another about his career should be a good read
  8. Yes, they are having a mass exit. LCM getting kids which looks like we are actively recruiting but they are just coming.
  9. Next year will be better. We already have two Varsity transfers from WOS. Another 3 have transferred in that are sub varsity. The talent will be better next year i believe
  10. Could be, We had three OL out when we played Lumberton. They could still be out. The QB doesn't want to run the ball so it goes to the running back 90% of the time. Losing our LB, secondary and our qb really put a dent into LCM. Four of last year kids are playing on Saturdays. I really thought we would have came back and have been focused. Our Running back and our Defensive end that is committed to Texas Tech can only do so much. I wont be at the ball game so good luck to both
  11. LCM is down this year. I could see a 35-7 Kilgore win.
  12. I saw lumberton vs Nac. Imo nac has athletes but they need to focus on running the ball more. The qb was not very accurate
  13. There’s a guy on the staff already that will probably get the job.
  14. Yes he’s a older gentleman
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