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  1. Bellville had 45 freshman and around 90 something upperclassman for the first day
  2. Hats of to Carthage for just flat out playing better baseball. Bellville had their opportunities and couldn’t capitalize. One key moment was the first or second inning when Bellville had runners on first and second no outs and Bellville hit a shot to left and the Carthage left fielder made a leaping catch that probably saved 2 runs. The inning where Carthage hosed the runner at home on a fly ball… I thought that was a bad call sending the runner on a semi shallow ball there, but it is what it is. Very impressed with the LF for Carthage. Best of luck vs China Spring
  3. Y’all looked good! Idk what’s been going on with the lefty that pitched for Bellville but he just hasn’t been good this postseason… his control just vanished compared to the regular season and last year.
  4. Just giving you a hard time lol hopefully your wrong about that region 3 pick lol
  5. So your picking the highest ranked team left in each region? Bold strategy lol
  6. Bellville definitely has the experience. They will start 7 seniors. 6 of them are headed to play college ball and the other is heading to run track at Colorado State. They don’t have any pitching that just blows you away. One kid may throw 87-89. They make the routine plays and are scrappy. They have faced adversity and are tested. They lost game 1 0-4 to El Campo last weekend. In the first inning their starting senior catcher gets tossed and a sophomore came in… they ended up winning that game in 9 innings. I e definitely noticed Carthage’s body of work and I don’t see either team sweeping the series. But wouldn’t be the first time I predicted high school sports wrong and won’t be the last lol
  7. West must’ve improved as the year went on. We played them earlier in the year and they weren’t that great.
  8. But as far a pick to win the region… I wanna pick my Brahmas but I need to see them play better than they did the second half of district. China Spring is the team I’m worried about. And of course Rusk is Rusk.
  9. I was high on Diboll… but that first game vs Kountze they only won 1-0. Granted the second game wasn’t as close but still
  10. Trust me I haven’t forgotten about Rusk. Knocked Bellville out 2-1 in the Regional Finals last year…
  11. Region 3 is gonna be a battle. Orangefield will be in the mix as well. Bellville has the team to do it BUT their bats cooled off the second half of district against teams like Sealy and El Campo. The Ace for Bellville is a lefty and only sits 81-84 on his fastball but has some good stuff. They have a couple other righties that sit mid 80s and one that can touch 90 . We will see if the bats come back around starting with Hardin Jefferson this week who isn’t t a pushover by any means
  12. That’s what I was thinking.. unless your offense is complete trash then you should probably make it lol
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