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  1. For the record I don’t agree with the poll either but it’s maxpreps so meh lol
  2. Bellville will gladly trade spots with Gilmer in this poll in exchange for the state championship if it’s that big of a deal lol
  3. Kountze wins 81-56 over Timpson for 3rd
  4. 3rd place Kountze vs Timpson Championship MP Chapel Hill vs Hooks
  5. CH 78 Kountze 73 F Curious of the foul count in this one
  6. Kountze up 21-20 after 1… foul count 10 on Kountze and 2 on Chapel Hill…
  7. They did… Kountze led most of the game but couldn’t put it away. Kountze also had some guys get in foul trouble. A whistle happy officiating crew is tough for Kountze usually because of their style of play
  8. The final four for the tournament 2A #15 Timpson vs 3A #5 Hooks 3A #9 Kountze vs 3A #7 MP Chapel Hill
  9. Kountze beat Tatum last night… Will face MP Chapel Hill in the semi finals tonight… the second time these two teams have played this year
  10. 3A #9 Kountze vs 3A #7 MP Chapel Hill tonight. These two teams played earlier this season in which MP Chapel Hill won 69-65
  11. Kountze over tatum 77-68… good g
  12. Tatum 61 Shelbyville 43 F Kountze 81 Maypearl 49 F Tatum vs Kountze 8:15 tonight
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