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  1. Lol.. that’s all he could come up with after getting beat down..
  2. That’s correct... Jasper wanted Lumberton field and WOS didn’t so Coach T will flip for somewhere in Houston if Lamar isn’t available. Lamar is number one on both coaches list but depends on if Lamar wins today.
  3. Just like that it’s 7-7 PNGs QB went 66 yards for a TD on 2nd play Lindale goes 73 yards on a pass on 1st play
  4. Better team won today. Lumberton was out coached and out played. Gold luck rest of playoffs Henderson 41-0 Lions 4thQT
  5. Start of the 4th 34-0 Lions just FYI I like my crow with ketchup
  6. Someone ate to much turkey. Haha. No way Huffman beats Carthage NO WAY!
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