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  1. Calpreps has 2AD2 Region 3 1. Mart(1) 2. Carlisle(2) 3. Wortham(14) 4. Lovelady(15) 5. Dawson(26) 6. Alto(32) 7. Tenaha(34) 8. Cushing(37) 9. Maud(40) 10. Deweyville(45) To point at the difference in D1 vs D2. Honey Grove is #37 in D1 but would be #22 if in D2. Pigskin Prep(DCTF) has Region 3 1. Mart(1) 2. Carlisle(9) 3. Lovelady(12) 4. Wortham(19) 5. Alto(29) 6. Cushing(37) 7. Tenaha(39) 8. Dawson(44) 9. Hull-Daisetta(47) 10. Mount Enterprise(49)
  2. Quinlan Ford beat Sunnyvale 40-21 last year, but are big underdogs this week. Ford has Caddo next week and could start District 0-2 after going 12-1 last year if they don't figure something out offensively. QF beat Bullard(42-35) who beat Mabank(28-22), but Mabank shutout QF 18-0 last week. Ford has had trouble replacing RB/MLB Kaiden Roden(Northeastern State)(2021 Whataburger Super Team Defense-Utilty, 1st team All-State FB, District MVP), RB/CB Ja'Donavan Williams (Hardin-Simmons)(2021 3rd Team All-State RB, District OPOY), QB/DB Rowdy Rowan(Hardin-Simmons)(2nd Team All-State Offense All-purpose, District Co-APPOY), OG Ethan Lormand(Concordia University of Chicago)( 2021 1st team All-District OL), & OT Brandon James(UMHB). Sr. OT Tavin States is the only returning offensive Starter from 2021 and I think he was out a few games this season. Sr. MLB/FB Gustavo Sanchez(2021 First team All-District ILB) had 20 tackles in the first 2 games but hasn't played since due to injury. Jr. OLB/WR Jeremiah Coleman(2021 1st team All-District OLB) hasn't played all year. Ford looked ok vs Mount Vernon in Week 1, but their Offense has been up and down all year since. They moved their QB to Z after getting handled by Godley in week 2, but their most efficient(ypc) RB also plays Z and was out the Godley Game. I don't know what they will do after getting shutout by Mabank.
  3. Region 2 is loaded this year with Carthage, Gilmer, and PG as top teams in the state. Aubrey, Sunnyvale, and Caddo Mills are in the next tier with Rusk, Van, Center, and LE. Pittsburgh and Van Alstyne are Sleepers in Region 2. Week 7 Games and Projections bold is DCTF/Pigskin Prep Computer Ranking for 4A-2 and District record District 5 Aubrey(10) (2-0)@ Van Alstyne(41) (2-0)(for District Champship most likely since Aubrey already beat Bridgeport 66-15)(DCTF Aubrey favored by 22)(Calpreps Aubrey 42-28) Krum(54)(0-1) @ Sanger(52)(0-2)(DCTF Krum favored by 3)(Calpreps Krum 28-21) Farmersville(73)( 0-1) @ Gainesville(77)(1-1)(DCTF FV favored by 1)(Calpreps FV 27-24) Bridgeport(45)(1-1) bye Aubrey most likely District Champion. Van Alstyne looking good for a playoff spot with wins over Krum and Sanger. The other 5 teams are battling for 2 spots. Gainesville's only win of the season was a 17-14 upset win over Sanger and needs a win over FV to improve to 2-1 in District. Sanger can not afford a loss to Krum after starting District 0-2 with losses to VA and GV. FV is 0-1 after losing to Bridgeport and needs a win over GV to stay in the playoff race. Calpreps Division Rankings 1. Aubrey 21 (17.7) 2. VA 31 (7.1) 3. Krum 42 (0.5) 4. Sanger 45 (0.0) 5. Bridgeport 51 (-2.6) 6. Farmersville 69 (-15) 7. Gainesville 78 (-20) District 6 Sunnyvale(22) @ Quinlan Ford(60)(DCTF SV by 20, Calpreps SV 31-14) Caddo Mills(30) @ Dallas Lincoln(53)(DCTF-Caddo Favored by 13)(Calpreps Caddo 48-21) Dallas Roosevelt(89) @ Wills Point(92) (DCTF DR by 12, Calpreps DR 31-24) Battle of 2 of the worst teams in 4A-2 should decide who finishes 5th and 6th in District. Calpreps Division Rankings 1. Caddo Mills 20 (18.2) 2. Sunnyvale 28 (10) 3. Quinlan Ford 52 (-2.7) 4. Dallas Lincoln 65 (-10.9) 5. Dallas Roosevelt 87 (-33.2) 6. Wills Point 90 (-39.5) Bi-district Aubrey, Sunnyvale, & Caddo definitely win in Bi-district. QF vs D5-runner up could be a good game if they finish 3rd in D6 and improve their offense.
  4. Realignment is only every 2 years. A school like Melissa usually had way more kids than the schools they were competing against. They always had new kids enrolling as they moved from 2A(old 1A) to 5A in 20 years.
  5. Caddo will probably be 5A in one of the next enrollments. About 10-20,000 houses are being built in the Nevada, Josephine, Caddo Mills area. Nevada Community has all ready moved up to 4A-1. Rockwall, Rockwall-Heath, Royse City, and North Forney are all 6A now and still growing in population.
  6. In 2004 Melissa finished 6th in 1A-17 with an enrollment of 157 and their stands could sit less than 100 people. Now they are building a $35 Million Dollar Stadium, a 250,000 Sq ft addition to their high school and a $21 indoor practice facility. Also in 2004 Royse City was 3A(new 4A) with an enrollment of 675 and now they are 6A.
  7. Calpreps has Region 3 1. Timpson(1) 2. Beckville (12) 3. Cooper(13) 4. Centerville(14) 5. Joaquin(15) 6. CC(19) 7. Garrison(29) 8. Shelbyville(36) Pigskin Prep has Region 3 as 1. TImpson(1) 2. Centerville(10) 3. Joaquin(11) 4. Beckville(12) 5. Cooper(17) 6. CC(24) 7. Garrison(31) 8. Shelbyville(33)
  8. Week 7 Rankings DCTF Computer Rankings(Pigskin Prep) Bold is Calpreps Cooper 17th(13)(State) 5th(3)(Region 3)(16.4 Rating) HG 34th(37)(State) 9th(9)(Region 3) (-6.6) AG 53rd(47)(State) 12th(12)(Region 3) (-14.7) BR 58th(55)(State) 14th(13)(Region 3) (-18) QB 74th(80)(State) 17th(19)(Region 3) (-30.5) WC 77th(65)(State) 18th(16)(Region 3) (-24.6) CP 105th(103)(State) 27th(27)(Region 3) (-49.3) Week 7 Predictions Calpreps Cooper 62-CP 0 AG 41- WC 27 HG 28-BR 13 DCTF Cooper by 63 AG by 8 HG by 11
  9. Harleton by as much as they want. UG has no chance. I see Harelton finishing in 3rd in District. Hawkins/Big Sandy winner should be 4th.
  10. Como has 1 quick RB but he can't do much when hit in the Backfield every play. Boles had the Lbs playing only 1 yard deep and shooting gaps. Como couldn't do anything in the passing game to get the Boles D out of that game plan. CP 6'1 220 QB couldn't even get a yard on QB sneak. Timpson definitely team to beat in 2A.
  11. Quinlan Boles 34-0 win over Como-Picton Boles Jr. QB Kole Lively 12-16 passing 198 yards(16.5 avg) 3 Tds(40, 20, 17 yards)-0 Int Boles Sr. RB/FS Gabriel Drennan 22 carries 193(8.8 Avg) 2 Tds(76, 9 yards); 2 Rec 26 yards; 3 solos, 3 assist. Boles Jr. WR/OLB Johnathan Cruthird 4 Receptions 72 yards, 1 40 yard Td; 1 Fumble recovery, 3 solos, 3 assist.
  12. Boles 34 CP 0 I don't think Como had over 100 yards of offense even with a +30 yard play to end the 1st half. Boles Front 7 was in the Backfield all game. Boles' offense started off slow losing 2 fumbles in Como territory in the 1st quarter, but tget threw for 3 Tds in the 2nd quarter to lead 21-0 at Half. Boles added 2 Rushing TDs in the 2nd half.
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