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  1. On 11/15/2022 at 9:02 AM, house said:

    Anybody here know enough about caddo to make a comparison?  How will indoor stadium affect the game?  Apparently caddo has a rising star in the backup qb that is now playing.  

    Yes the Dual-Threat So. QB Gonzales has really enhanced Caddo's Offense and allowed Lemmon to move back to his natural position of WR. Quinlan Ford only gave up 2.1 yards per carry to Caddo in their 7-6 loss. Caddo mostly used Lemmon at QB that game but he made a great catch to ice the game on the last Drive. Caddo TE Wasurik is really talented. He had 3 catches for around 60 yards on Caddo's only scoring drive.

    Caddo's run D can hold power running in check but they have trouble with 4.5 and under speed. They held Ford to 4.1 yards/carry but gave 10.3 yards/per carry to Lincoln. Their pass defense is suspect with Ferris passing for 500+ and Sanger throwing for 300+ last week.

  2. Depends on what you mean by Big Upsets. Mesquite Horn, Sunnyvale, Grand Saline, and Jefferson were all 13-17 point Favorites by Dave Campbells and lost. Biggest upset probably was in 4A-2 region 4 were Devine(9-1) lost 32-14 to Jarrell(4-6). Devine was a 21 point Favorites.

  3. VA's QB Howard has been great the last two games vs Gainesville and Quinlan Ford. VA runs Spread with usually 3 or 4 WR to one side and then Howard finds the hole and takes off. Very fast and usually just has to beat 1 OLB to break it. DE's keeping Contain will be important. VA's DL and OL are stout. 

    Saying that, Carthage should wins this game handily.

  4. 6 hours ago, HearEmaGrowlin said:

    I was looking at possible locations for next week.

    If Carthage plays VA, most likely it’d be like Mesquite or Garland and if it’s QF we could be back in Lindale.

    If QF wins, Mt. Pleasant, Lindale, Tyler, Gilmer, Athens could be good options. QF played PG in Mt. Pleasant last year and Pitt in Sulphur Springs.

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