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  1. Quinlan Ford beat Bullard and only lost to Caddo Mills 7-6. Ford is young and improving with some Sr. Leadership also but still no challenge for Carthage.
  2. Como-Pickton Jr. High was full of speed this year. Not so much on the Varsity and JV levels though.
  3. Windthorst was down 21-7 in the 3rd but came back to win 35-27. Collinsville beat Haskell 22-7. Muenster beat Archer City 38-14.
  4. Van Alstyne went 1-3 in Non-district with Losses to Pottsboro, Sulphur Springs, and Anna. Quinlan Ford had only 1 offensive Starter return from last year and had a QB change after starting 0-2. Ford also had a few players that were defensive first team all district last year miss many games this year.
  5. I'll take Quinlan Ford to pull the upset. Van Alstyne runs a similar offense to Caddo Mills, who Ford held to 45 yards rushing on 21 carries.
  6. VAN ALSTYNE Players to Watch #2 Sr. Dakota Howard QB/CB 5-11 163 4.46 #27 Sr. Jaden Mahan RB/MLB 6-0 195 4.7 #62 Sr. Nick Loya DL/OT 6-1 240 5.0 #70 Sr. Levi Copeland OL/DL 6-1 250 5.4 #50 Sr. Colby Hayes DT 6-4 260 5.4 #3 Sr. Jackson Allen WR/RB/SS 6-1 190 4.6 #21 Sr. Caden Whitley MLB/FB 6-2 182 #9 Jr. Keegan Dailey DE 6-2 215 5.0 #18 So. Jaxon Skinner WR/FS 5-11 150 4.7 #72 Sr. Copper Caroll OT QUINLAN FORD Players to Watch #3 Jr. Zalen Morales RB/WR/CB 5-11 170 4.6 #15 Jr. JJ Jorzig RB/CB 6-0 175 4.5 #52 Sr. Gavin Steiger DE/OG 6-4 220 4.9 #40 Sr. Travis Shirley DE/TE 6-1 220 #8 Jr. Jeremiah Coleman WR/RB/MLB 6-1 180 4.6 #28 Sr. Gustavo Sanchez MLB/K 5-10 200 4.8 #5 Jr. Dylan Seabolt RB 5-10 155 4.5 #79 So. Bryan Sanchez OT/DT 5-11 278 #68 Sr. Tavin States OG/DT 6-0 280 #22 Jr. Preston Geiger TE/OLB 6-1 174 4.6 #55 Jr. Corbin Fowler NG/OL 5-8 225 4.9 #72 Sr. Randy Kirkland OT/DT 6-1 245 5.2 #1 Sr. Toby Staten OLB/RB #2 Jr. Iliyan Perez FS 5-9 145 #16 Sr. Blake Moreno QB 5-10 144 QF is finally mostly healthy with only Fowler being out the last few games. Coleman missed the first 8 games, while Sanchez and States each missed 3 games during the regular season. Ford's run game really suffered without Seabolt vs Godley. QF is very good in the trenches and this were the game will be won or lost. Shirley and Sanchez have been nearly unblockable lately, while Steiger has been a handful for opposing OTs all year. With MLBs Sanchez and Coleman both healthy Ford's run defense has greatly improved. Van Alstynes dynamic duo of Howard and Mahan lead Van Alstyne's offense with 1763 rushing yards and 20 TDs combined. Ford's Morales, Jorzig, and Seabolt have Combined for 2890 yards and 30 Tds. Morales also leads Ford with 263 yards receiving and 3 TDs.
  7. I'm from Quinlan not Grand Saline. Haven't seen either team play so comparing schedules and Ratings is all I have to go off of. I have seen Cooper though and any team that can keep up with them has to be pretty good. Cooper beat Hooks 21-14 and Grand Saline 32-18. GS's other 2 losses are to top 10 teams in 3A-2. New Boston hasn't come close to beating teams as good Edgewood or Troup. Just my opinion.
  8. 2A-2 District 8 1. Collinsville 2. Santo 3. Muenster 4. Celeste District 8 could go 4-0. District 7 ended in a three way tie for 1st. Seeding is 1. Windthorst 2. Archer City 3. Seymour 4. Haskell 4 seed Celeste only lost by 4 and 3 respectively, to Top 10 teams Collinsville and Santo. In Non-district District 8 5 seed Lindsay lost 29-20 to Seymour and Muenster beat Windthorst 31-13. Celeste won a playoff game in 2A-1 last year before dropping to D2 this year.
  9. I don't see Cayuga or Simms Losing, but if Simms plays they way they did was Clarksville, Hico could win.
  10. Quinlan Ford was up 42-0 at Halftime and beat Roosevelt 56-6. Gainesville 27 Krum 3 Half Looks like Gainesville will finish in 3rd place and Krum 5th. Bi-district Matchups W6 Caddo Mills Vs Sanger F5 R6 Sunnyvale vs Gainesville T5 T6 Quinlan Ford vs Van Alstyne R5 F6 Dallas Lincoln vs Aubrey W5
  11. Quinlan Ford at Dallas Roosevelt will be on NFHS. But that will be a blowout.
  12. 4A-2 Quinlan Ford runs the Fly-T and averages about 55 carries a game. They led the Nation last year with 6189 yards rushing in 13 games. They run out of Wing-T, Power I, Double Wing, Double TE, & Wishbone Formations among others. They are a little down this year with only 3302 yards through 9 games, but thier top 3 rushers are Juniors. They starting to improve offensively and have rushed for 496 and 658 in the last 2 games. They will play Van Alstyne next week.
  13. Yep. 36-35 win for Melissa. District Champions first year in 5A over top 5 team in Lovejoy.
  14. I'll go with Hooks, but Troup is no slouch. Both teams beat Pewitt. I say that Troup is better New Boston and Harmony but not Dekalb.
  15. Dekalb and Grand Saline are similarly ranked in the various Computer rankings. New Boston is lower. Edgewood and West Rusk are ranked higher than Hooks and Dekalb.
  16. I'll go with WR, GS, Edgewood, and Hooks.
  17. I think West Rusk and Grand Saline should win next week. Dekalb vs Edgewood will be a good game. Hooks should beat Troup.
  18. Yes they beat Edgewood and Troup. Lost to West Rusk by 3.
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