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  1. Pigskin Prep has Dekalb favored by 8, while Calpreps has Hooks favored 24-22 even though they have Dekalb rated a little higher. Should be a good game.
  2. I don't know how the teams match up scheme wise, but I have to go with Centerville just based on comparing schedules. CC hasn't played any team as good as Crawford, Mart, or Jefferson.
  3. Not juggernauts but they should win in Bi-district vs whoever is R10 and T10 between Brookshire Royal, Sealy, and Columbia. Region 3 is very Deep in 4A-2. I would say the only teams in the region better than Jasper and HF are Bellville, Silsbee, Cuero, and probably Waco Connally. Bellville will probably blowout WOS in round 1.
  4. WOS plays in one of the toughest District in 4A-2. They would be undeafted in some districts. The top 3 teams in D9 are top 15-20 in the division. WOS is still a top 25-30 team. Yes it is a down year, but they are still a good team.
  5. District 9 is the Deepest. Just look at the Pigskin ratings. West Rusk, Grand Saline, and Edgewood are really good. F9 Troup would only be a 7 point underdog to W10 Dekalb.
  6. Wolfe City at Honey Grove moved to Thursday at 7 pm. JH and JV canceled.
  7. As a smaller Lineman that reiled on technique and footwork, I hated the mud. A lot of Mud would turn the game into a brawl since no one has good footing. The rain is fine, mud on horrible grass fields sucks. It already rained this week, plus there it is has chance to rain all day Friday and into Saturday morning. Chance for Thunderstorms also which would delay or postpone games.
  8. Definitely amazing finish to the game. Probably a lot of coaches that still have their kids watch the game tape. Shows how it is never to late to make a comeback and to keep playing hard. 4 straight Plano East Tds with 3 straight successful onside kicks in a little over 2 minutes game time. Then the game winning Kick return TD for John Tyler with less than 30 seconds left.
  9. People are referring to this post about CC being the only ? for Timpson.
  10. For me it's always the nailbitters, upsets, or come from behind wins or losses that I remember, along with District Champship clinching Victories and Games that made school History. Also, all the area round defeats when i went thought Boles was pretty good after winning the District Championship, especially with the undeafted top ranked teams in 07 and 09 that averaged 30+ MOV. I also remember watching great atheletes like Stamford's James Washington, Cayuga's Traylon Shead, Boles' Joe Gilliard, Quinlan Ford's Kaiden Roden. In 99, I Remember Boles nearly upsetting Wortham in week 9. Then winning thrillers vs Mildred and Mount Enterprise in the next two weeks to earn Boles' first UIL playoff berth and Victory just a few years into moving from Tapps-6 man to Tapps 11-man to UIL 11-man. I remember Boles being 3 TD underdogs vs Wolfe City in '03 and being down 12-0 at the half before Winning 26-25 to stay undeafted in district. We went on to lose 41-6 in consecutive weeks to Celeste in the District Championship and Harleton in the playoffs, but atleast we were back in the playoffs after 3 down years in a row. I remember Boles' 07 1A-D1 Area round loss to the "Maud Squad"(3 Lineman committed to TCU) after beating them in non-district and controlling the first half. I think it was Boles 21-7 at Half and then Boles' Gilliard returned the 2nd half opening kickoff for a TD but there was a block in the back 40 yards behind the play just before he crossed into the endzone. Maud's defense then stopped Boles at the Goal Line and drove all the way down the field to score. In 07, Boles had averaged nearly 420 rushing yards/game on 11.5 yards/rush and didn't really face any adversity all year. The team was shell-shocked when things starting going against them and momentum had totally swung to Maud and they scored 35 unawsered to win 42-21 taking advantage of a few more Boles turnovers along the way. Maud went on to beat Cayuga and Tenaha before losing to Bremond in the state semi-finals. In 08 I remember Gilliard breaking his Wrist in a non-district win over Simms Bowie and So. QB/DB Wallace and So. RB/DL Sutton stepping up to lead the team to their second of three in-a-row 10-0 regular seasons. Gilliard returned for the 1A-D1 playoffs and to lead the team to the State semi-finals for the only time in school History. Gilliard, while wearing a cast, rushed for 11 TDs and had 559 yards of offense and 2 Defensive Ints in the 3 playoff wins including scoring 34 of the 44 Boles points in a regional Victory over Collinsville alot playoff game vs Collinsville which i remember pretty well. Seymour. Semi-final game vs Canadian, who had Won the 2A-D2 Champship in 07 before dropping to 1A, was supposed to be a shootout, but the whole Boles team and fanbase was dejected after Gilliard broke his ankle making a tackle on Canadian's first drive. Boles still had its Thunder in So. All-State RB Sutton but couldn't keep up without their Lightning and best DB in Gilliard. Canadians Spread offense was unstoppable in a 68-27 Dominating win. The 27 points Boles scored was the most Canadian gave up all year even with losing to D2 Champ Stratford in district play. Yes both the D1 and the D2 Champ game from the same District that year after both dropped from 2A, because the highest enrollment playoff team from each District was placed D1 playoffs and other 2 went D2. In 2009 as Jr's, Wallace and Sutton lead Boles to their 3rd straight 10-0 regular season. Boles was ranked #1 in the state and looked to be on another collision course with Canadian. The Week 10 game versus WC for the District Championship is very rememberable because Wallace hurt his knee and was hobbling around on one leg, but he gutted it out while Sutton put the team on his back carried the team to victory. I didn't even go to the 1st round playoff game Vs 5-5 Collinsville because it was supposed to be a blowout. Collinsville was up 28-0 after the 1st quarter and went on to win 56-21. Collinsville then beat DeLeon before losing to Haskell in the D1 Quarters.
  11. I think Sunnyvale would find a way to beat Van and/or Rusk in District 8 and would compete with LE for 3rd in D7. Caddo vs Pittsburg would be a good battle. Ford vs Pittsburg would have a chance to be a really good smash mouth game like last year.
  12. Districts 7-11 are definitely the deepest districts. Districts 5 & 6 teams will have there hands full in the Area round. District 6 has 2 of the worst teams in 4A-D2, but the top 2 are both top 20 to 30, while Ford and Lincoln are both average teams or better. District 16 is by far the worst district. Districts 1, and 14 are also worse than 6. Districts 2, 3, 4, 12, & 15 are about on par with 6. District 5 is deeper than 6 but the top 4 teams in each district are pretty equal. Sunnyvale is just as good as Aubrey, barely losing to them in week 1. Sunnyvale definitely looked like best team in District 6 when I saw them play Ford. Ford controlled most of the game vs Caddo, but Caddo scored its only TD in the 4th quarter to win by an missed Ford XP. Caddo is undeafted but Sv has had a harder Schedule.
  13. http://calpreps.com/2022/ratings/Texas_division.htm#2A-1 Cooper has alot of Talent. To me their resume is better than CC and right there with all the other top teams in Region 3. Collinsville probably wins their very tough district in 1A-D2 over Santo, Muenster, and Celeste. 3A Hooks will battle Dekalb for the District Champship. 3A Grand Saline upset Edgewood and nearly beat West Rusk. Their 36-8 win over Honey Grove was very impressive too.
  14. Surprising score. Clarksville can be tough when they play at their best. I really wish Boles was still in this District. Too bad they had 4 kids too many. Rivercrest is the only other school in the D1 district with under a 213 enrollment versus Boles 168. Boles could have won the D2 district but you have to play with the hand you are dealt. Hopefully Boles moves back down next realignment to give a better chance to compete for all their talented Fr. And So.
  15. District 5 Week 7 Scores Aubrey 35 VA 14 Gv 20 Fv 7 Sanger 35 Krum 28 Bp Bye Week 8 Scores Aubrey 47 Krum 19 VA 53 Fv 10 Gv 36 Bp 19 Sanger Bye Week 9 Scores Aubrey 56 Sanger 14 VA 38 Bp 13 Krum 35 Fv 0 Gv Bye Standings Aubrey 7-2(5-0) Van Alstyne 5-4(4-1) Gainesville 3-5(3-1) Sanger 5-3(1-3) Bridgeport 4-4(1-3) Krum 2-6 (1-3) Farmersville 2-6 (0-4) Aubrey has clinched the D5 championship. VA has secured a top 3 finish. Gainesville has beaten both Sanger and Bp, and needs a win over either VA or Krum to secure at top 3 place. Of the 1-3 teams, Bridgeport still has to play both Sanger and Krum and Sanger beat Krum 35-28.
  16. District 9 should finish 1. Cooper, 2. Honey Grove, 3. Wolfe City 4. Rivercrest/AG District 10. 1. Beckville 2. Frankston 3. Harleton 4. Hawkins/Big Sandy Beckville, Cooper, HG should advance to second round. WC vs Frankston a toss-up. WC probably wins if their QB is back by then.
  17. Ford has rushed for 450-500 yards and had 2 RBs with over 140 yards in all 3 of their wins but only 215-290 in their 5 losses. Against Lincoln, Ford ran for 496 yards and 8 TD and was 4-7 passing for 88 yards. Ford Jr RB Zalen Morales had 29 carries for 240 yards and 5 TD's, while Ford Jr RB Dylan Seabolt had 19 carries for 145 yards and 3 TD'S. Morales leads the team in Rushing and Receiving. He has 179 carries for 1112 yards and 13 TD'S and 8 Receptions for 263 yards and 3 Tds. Seabolt is second in rushing with 65 carries for 548 yards and 6 Tds in 7 games. Jr RB JJ Jorzig has 97 carries for 502 yards and 2 Tds. Morales has 1 game with 399 all purpose yards, 2 games with 220+ yards rushing, and 4 of 8 with 140+ yards rushing. Seabolt has 2 games with 140+ rushing yards, while Jorzig has 1.
  18. District 6 Week 9 Scores Sunnyvale 45 Wills Point 0 Caddo 57 Roosevelt 6 Quinlan Ford 59 Lincoln 58 Ford had a 43-42 lead with 3 minutes left after being down 35-16 early. Both teams scored 16 points each in the last 3 minutes. Standings Sunnyvale 5-3(3-0) Caddo 8-0(3-0) Ford 3-5(1-2) Lincoln 2-6(1-2) Wills Point 1-7(1-2) Roosevelt 0-8(0-3)
  19. Congrats to WC on a hard fought Victory. Game was very close until the start of the 4th. WC's free play to score with no time left before half and their 2pt INT return were big momentum swings in the game. It was all down hill for Boles after their 5-10 yard punt to start the 4th quarter. Game would have also have not been as close if Boles didn't score 12 points after recovering WC fumbles. Boles is talented this year but have had way to many penalties and mistakes to overcome.
  20. Week 9 Finals Cooper 36 HG 8 WC 34 Boles 18 AG 20 CP 12 Rivercrest bye Cooper will be District Champions. Honey Grove 2nd If they beat WC next week. WC clinched a playoff spot with their 3rd District win. Has HG and Rivercrest the last 2 weeks to decide seeding. Rivercrest clinches a playoff spot with a win over Boles or WC the next 2 weeks. AG having to come from behind to beat CP is surprising. They still have a shot at the playoffs if Rivercrest losses next 2. AG would most likely win three way tie at 2-4 in that scenario. Boles' blowout loss to AG puts them out of the playoffs along with CP.
  21. WC Herron 30 yard TD run. 2pt conversion no good. WC 34 Boles 18 3:34 4th.
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