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  1. Heard LCM QB isnt doing to well? That true? injury?
  2. Thats crazy! Especially with this freshman group coming up. Heard they have never lost a game!!!!!!!!!! 7th-9th
  3. No one has seen CH at 100% yet. That fresh QB has only thrown for 300 yards in 3 playoff games. But the team has rushed for over 1000 yards in those 3 games. QB accounts for I think half of those yards. He scrambles really well. I think he should get rid of the ball more and prevent the 3rd and longs. He is very young and pretty inconsistent on the throws. He is 18 of 39 in three playoff games. When this young man settles in..... Its gonna be lights out. Freshman running back, and I think returning most of the receiving core. CH - 45 LCM - 38
  4. Hate when things like THAT determine a game! But..... It is part of the game.
  5. Feel like Tyler Rose is going to be a miniature state game today and tonight. Rooting for Van and CH in the upsets.....
  6. Kilgore wins CH wins. Heard they will face each other in the 3rd round. As much as a I want a CH victory against Kilgore, I just cant see stopping that running game.
  7. Lindale El Campo First downs 25 25 Yards rushing 36-240 58-534 Yards passing 246 38 Passes 21-36-3-3 1-2-0-0 Punts 33.0 N/A Fumbles-lost 0-0 2-1 Penalty-yards 9-75 5-39 Looks pretty even on how the refs were calling it. Only 36 yards difference. No one will win against a team that runs up 534 rushing yards
  8. Taking CH in a pretty straight forward win. Freshman QB went 4 of 11 last week. If he has a better game with all of the other skill players, they should be just fine.
  9. If Lindale played against the refs, the same could be for CH when we played Lindale. I watched the live stream of Lindale vs EC..... How many penalties there. I dont think many man. I think I saw 2 against Lindale. Holding and illegal man down field. Cant do that and the refs cant ignore it.
  10. This guy knows what he is talking about. I watched the CH vs Vidor game..... I bet Vidor rushed for 300 yards, yet we still "stopped" them. Extremely good coaching from CH that game to keep them in the 3rd and longs and plenty of 4th down stops. That game was 2hrs and 15 min...... The key is Vidor was headed down the field again with 2 min remaining and felt pressured to pass..... They did, and CH got the INT. If EC is anything like Vidor, they will score and they will rack up the yardage. Its going to be the "key" 3rd and 4th down stops that allows Lindale to pull out the W. I dont care how many points your "normally" score. This is round 2 and CH only put up 25 against a pretty darn good team. Doesnt matter what you do.... It matters how you do it. Vidor knows how to hurry up and run the ball down your throat. Lots of Grit in that game. Lastly, Tons of respect to the Vidor team for the sportsmanship they showed after their loss.
  11. Good point. I think I was trying to say that our speed may get us in the backfield more than they are used to.
  12. Watched both videos posted. Vidor does what they do well, but wondering about their speed vs. CH. #44 on Livingston seemed to be the only one with any speed, and to be honest... Unless my old man eyes are playing tricks on me. Vidor RB's did not seem very fast.
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