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  1. Considering Lindale dropped from 5A to 4A by like 15 kids, this is no surprise that they are winning the way they are. Hoping they hop back on up to 5A after next year. LOL
  2. Not sure how good Needville was? But they put up some TD's This is simple: #22 must be contained. If not, no one stands a chance.
  3. Game Day: Two points from my perspective: 1. CH was not expected to be in the 3rd round. Excited we made it this far! 2. CH is making waves again over the next 3-4 years. Yall watch out.
  4. CH has done pretty well the last 3 games on D. Hoping its enough to stop #22 Hoping for a CH upset as I know NO ONE expects them to win.
  5. Chapel Hill is healthy and hungry! Cant wait for this game.
  6. CH is on fire. No doubt they have a tough game next week. Lindale will bring a huge crowd, and I think CH will also. I believe that everything has to go CH's way. Fumbles, INT's ect.. They dominated Stafford way more than the score shows. I think they had 3 turnovers and CH didnt capitalize on 2 of them. That is the what they will HAVE to do to Lindale. Cant see it being 50 something to 6 again. I cant pick. In round 3, you never know what will happen.
  7. Chapel Hill hasnt played anyone with a pulse? Lindale (Still in playoffs) Kilgore (Still in playoffs) Center (Still in playoffs) Palestine (Made the playoffs) Livingston (#1 Seed) ??
  8. Chapel Hill coming off a big win knocking off the #1 seed Livingston. They face Stafford in New Caney at 6pm this Saturday. I know nothing about Stafford. Who you got, and does playing in the same stadium you just won in give any advantage?
  9. Chapel Hill vs Stafford

    Chapel Hill is coming off of a big win against a great Livingston team.  I believe they are the underdog in this one also.  Who you got?

  10. Chapel Hill coming in as the #4 seed vs. Livingston, who is the #1 seed. Who you got? I'm taking CH in a close one.
  11. 28-28 until the last 5 min INT by CH in the red zone led to 35-28 Then a CH INT in a desperation comeback attempt Henderson has a few studs for sure...... That team is not to be counted out for next year CH has got to take care of the ball. 3 turnovers in the first half. Game should have been a blowout IMO, but CH let Hendo stick around.
  12. Chapel Hill has 3 weeks to prepare for Henderson. With the forfeit, they are 5-4, and only need to beat Henderson for a playoff birth. Thoughts?
  13. I believe the game against Kilgore for CH is going to be a hard one. However, I think they beat Henderson and Mabank to get the fourth spot for playoffs.
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