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  1. I'd take the loss to kilgore from this year again for homecoming over playing a team that'll be a blowout.
  2. And we had trouble getting them because they would rather ref basketball, one ref said they made $250-300 for the Saturday basketball games.
  3. I forget what we paid the refs for the Saturday youth games but I think it was around $45 per game with 4 games a day.
  4. Soc should ran the qb. He had alot of open green on those blown pass plays.
  5. I spent $20, downloaded the bally ap on my phone, cast to my motel TV the games I didn't go watch. Not much easier than that.
  6. Everyone wants to talk crap about the refs. #gosignuptobearefandmakeadifference
  7. Saturday noon at buckeye stadium there will be a celebration of life for Mrs shakerrie and Mandy. There will be stuff to buy with all proceeds going to the family. Come support these ladies who poured so much into the community with no questions asked.
  8. The other sister was a buckeye mom as well, she has a son in 5th grade who's a great receiver/back now and will only get better and a older daughter I'm not sure her grade. I knew Alvin and shakerrie. I still can't believe this happened. She was on the board of the youth football league as well as the youth cheer coach. She was always trying to do stuff to help the youth. Terrible loss!
  9. You're assuming, they may feel at home. I "live" in gilmer but my truck usually heads towards Longview or tyler when I'm shopping. It's 15+minutes for me to be in town gilmer anyhow.
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