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  1. Metzel is in his first year as head coach this year, first year as head coach and they are playing for the state championship.
  2. I guess he was supposed to say "well I'm not really a good coach and we probably haven't gotten any better since week 5, were more than likely gonna lose, yall should stay at home, or better yet sit on the Carthage side".
  3. Its gonna feel that way, one second the bux will be down and kicking a field goal then bam....bux win by 3...
  4. Hes not preying on the middle class, you don't have to go. His place his prices. It does #### though.
  5. So much for one ticket and watching 3 games. #### because I have my wife and son in tow. Gonna be an expensive day of high school football lol. Gonna try to watch lindale/argyle and bux/Carthage
  6. The refs probably let it slide for all of the holding they didn't call against the graham o line. It was Terrible.
  7. Results of everyone getting a trophy. When they get older they can't take being told no.
  8. Guess I fell asleep and missed a couple weeks, caddo mills already playing Carthage?
  9. Yea yea yea, cm scored 44 but gave up 38. They were a td away from losing. Never once was gilmer in jeopardy of losing the Sunnyvale game. You may want to pick a different angle. Also Gilmer had I believe two picks in the red zone going in to score in the pg game. Gilmer has a nice cushion on the scoreboard vs CM.
  10. I downloaded the app and it helped tremendously on the buffering.
  11. It's up on nfhs.com. start with 11 minutes remaining on the video. Thats stuff they make up in the movies lol
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