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  1. Just sit Ashton for the rest of this game and the next one. Jackson is running hard. LE has talent.
  2. Correct. Y`all got the best high school coaching staff in the Nation! We (Gilmer) used to be right there with y`all, but our coaches decided to move on to College and NFL. Just enjoy Coach Surratt and his staff as long as y`all are fortunate to have them!
  3. Yeah, We (Gilmer) complained about that 4th down where the refs gave it to yall without a measurement (which I think yall got the 1st down, but still, measure it!).
  4. Probably the State Championship game in 2012 against Navasota. They whipped us 39 - 3
  5. Gilmer coaches have told Tennison not to run this year unless it's a last resort. It's resulted in nothing but negative plays. that's part of why he got pounded and took hits and sacks last week. Also, the gilmer coaches didn't hardly roll him out and give him the option to run or pass. Just had him drop back and told not to run unless a last resort. Thats on our coaches. hope they change that.
  6. He will be our starting QB for the next 3 years after this one.
  7. Not if they played like they have every game this season. Should have beat Lindale by 5 or 6 touchdowns. Coaches are at fault.
  8. If Gilmer plays like they did last night and our coaches call the game like that did last night, we get blown out by Carthage....again. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, Gladewater is 3A DI and Gilmer is 4A DII. As long as we are that close in classification, Gilmer and Gladewater should always play each other. That rivalry should always be alive if it can. I love and respect the Atlanta Rabbits (one of my favorite stadiums in East Texas), but we should not play them again until they get it together.
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