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  1. Congrats to the Gilmer Buckeyes for winning the State Championship in Track this week. Yet another Championship for East Texas. Proud of all the kids and coaches who worked so hard to accomplish this. It's Gilmer's second Championship in Track, the first being in 2015. Hopefully East Texas can bring home some success in baseball also. Football is right around the corner and it's going to be another great season for our kids here in East Texas.
  2. Carthage should win this one, even with PG making some great adjustments after getting manhandled by Gilmer back at the start of October, it won't be enough. I do think that PG will score more than one TD, they have a dynamic QB and he can throw or run, so at least the Bulldog defense will have to deal with that. Hope both teams play a good clean game with no injuries and no matter who wins this game, I'll be pulling for them to bring home another State Championship for East Texas.
  3. Thanks. I'm glad it's not The Star, but I'm not thrilled about playing in Mesquite. Oh well, at least we are playing!
  4. To hell with playing at SFA and especially THE STAR. Lindale was mentioned, that would be fine, as would Lobo or Rose. I hate THE STAR.
  5. 25 - 7 Buckeyes Final Only Rusk TD was a pick 6 at end of 1st half. Gilmer coaching was terrible this game. I'll say it for the final time tonight, whoever is calling plays for Gilmer needs to be relieved of this duty. He is terrible. Hopefully Tennison is OK and will be able to play next week. Safe travels to everyone.
  6. 19 -7 end of 3rd Gilmer play calling is a joke. Carthage has nothing to worry about Y'all will crush us.
  7. 19 - 7 Buckeyes Halftime Have said it all year, who ever is calling plays for Gilmer should be relieved of that duty. Terrible play calling. Rusk is a decent team and have some athletes. McCown is a good player and they have some other kids who can go. Weather is terrible. Refs are letting the kids play and I like that. Gilmer QB got horse-collar tackled and is a little banged up. Hope he is alright. That's about it for now.
  8. not much of a game. gotta give Pitt kids credit. they never quit. Hope they give the Bulldogs the same no quit effort next week, even when they are down 50 points.
  9. Congrats to Carthage. Seems like a dang good team even by Carthage standards. Tell us Carthage faithful, where does this 2022 Bulldog team rank right now in the current era?
  10. Since this is the Gilmer vs. Spring Hill thread by default........... Buckeyes 54 Panthers 0 Final
  11. terrible game. worst refs I have ever seen. Just completely incompetent. Not calling anything in favor or lopsided for either team....just a clueless group of idiots. Game was over before it ever started. Rohan Fluellen got his ankle banged up, so hopefully it's nothing serious and we can sit him and our guys for the next two weeks. That is about it for this waste of a game.
  12. Whoever is calling the offensive plays for the Buckeyes needs to be relieved of this duty and a new coach needs to be calling plays. Simple as that. Lindale is a good/solid team with a good coaching staff. The Lindale folks did a great job. I always enjoy playing in the new stadium in Lindale. Very nice stadium and staff working there. #22 for the Buckeyes is electric when he touches the ball. Good luck Lindale, y`all got a good thing going with your town.
  13. Kilgore is good. Very solid team. I liked how they came out and really got after us. Very motivated team. Buckeyes were better. Played very flat this game at the start, but picked it up as the game went on. Both teams played very sloppy and have some more work to do. The refs.........well, they weren't the worst, but they sucked. At least they were across the board bad, some terrible calls/no calls on both teams. Gilmer play calling is questionable. Overall, both teams will get better from this and move on. If Kilgore keeps getting better each week, they will be a tough team to play, just like Gilmer. Buckeyes have some work to do, but if they can put it together by district and the end of the season, they will be a hard team to beat.
  14. no surprise there. Gladewater hasn't beaten Gilmer in 20 years and it's not going to happen anytime soon. that's why they would only agree to a scrimmage.
  15. Just sit Ashton for the rest of this game and the next one. Jackson is running hard. LE has talent.
  16. Correct. Y`all got the best high school coaching staff in the Nation! We (Gilmer) used to be right there with y`all, but our coaches decided to move on to College and NFL. Just enjoy Coach Surratt and his staff as long as y`all are fortunate to have them!
  17. Yeah, We (Gilmer) complained about that 4th down where the refs gave it to yall without a measurement (which I think yall got the 1st down, but still, measure it!).
  18. Probably the State Championship game in 2012 against Navasota. They whipped us 39 - 3
  19. Gilmer coaches have told Tennison not to run this year unless it's a last resort. It's resulted in nothing but negative plays. that's part of why he got pounded and took hits and sacks last week. Also, the gilmer coaches didn't hardly roll him out and give him the option to run or pass. Just had him drop back and told not to run unless a last resort. Thats on our coaches. hope they change that.
  20. He will be our starting QB for the next 3 years after this one.
  21. Not if they played like they have every game this season. Should have beat Lindale by 5 or 6 touchdowns. Coaches are at fault.
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