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  1. Well, this is going to be interesting...
  2. When players transfer to these dchools - obviously for sports-specific reasons - are they immediately eligible? Because - and I don't know about public schools in other states - having to sit out a year is a deterrent here in Texas. And no, it is NOT that easy for ANY Texas HS athlete to just transfer to another school, especially not simply to play for a "better" program. Not to mention, God forbid, we should get into an actual discussion of the ethics of this topic...
  3. As Yoe is into playing 4A teams in pre-district, couple of us in Cameron would like to see a Hwy 77 home-&-away w/ Cuero.
  4. Money says t.u. is recruiting Brewer A: To keep him out of competition's jerseys and B: Because they don't trust Ehlinger to stay uninjured. If I was Ehlinger, I'd pull a "Chad President" and tell 'horns to bug off.
  5. Said this before, I'll say it again: The title games should still be split up/rotated so that small-division teams can play on Fi/Sat and more of their fans can make it to the games, UIL and Fox Sports SW be damned. And no, most of them wouldn't care if the games were being played in a WalMart parking lot, long as they got the opportunity to see their boys play in a title game.
  6. Ummm, taking a knee "doesn't show respect at all"? That's just ignorant. Not enough *Facepalm* in the world...
  7. We saw that a couple times last season in the playoffs...
  8. On behalf of Yoe Nation, let me say, Congrats Yellowjackets! Great season! Enjoy your state title, Mineola - Y'all earned it!
  9. Why doesn't someone expend the effort to figure out why - in the modern area of exponentially-better fitness and equipment technology - injuries are UP exponentially over decades ago?
  10. Ummm, so where would that leave Ehlinger? Aggies need a QB...
  11. Did Brock have a key injury or something?! Wall's a top-flight program - but held Brock to 17 points?! Didn't see THAT comin'!
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