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  1. WO tryin to win the offseason. Things will be back to normal in a few months.
  2. They would have done better but since track is run in meters and they’ve been clocking them in mph the kids were confused.
  3. It’s just the man tryin to keep them down. Them boys got wheels.
  4. Did WO take the weekend off? Haven’t heard any new updates on all that speed they got coming
  5. Bruh they got 20 kids faster than that. Keep dreaming!
  6. Well I meant fourth and not forth but yes lol
  7. Yall going to be fight for forth with Tatum
  8. We was a bunch of sophomores and freshmen. Wait for it…..
  9. You remember that time they were talking about beating us at our place and tearing down the goalposts ? Yes they can be delusional
  10. We just had a 7th grader run a 11.6 on Tuesday. Thats faster than any kid enrolled in high school at Sabine
  11. Prepare for WO to dominate. World class speed my friend!!!
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