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  1. Nah we starting 0-2 then we gonna bounce back against SH
  2. We all want to be like WO. Especially when it comes to bass fishing.
  3. Oh I totally agree. All I’m saying is that the cupboard wasn’t bare last season. The seniors were a strong class for Tatum. I’m not saying they won’t have a good season but for me personally it will be a wait and see.
  4. Are you close to that program? They may have picked up a good Qb and OL but they lost a lot more than that. The Qb last year was a solid dual threat. The losses at the skills positions can’t be overlooked. They also lost a dominant force on their DL. I’m not saying they won’t be solid but I think it will need to be a see it before you believe it type of thing.
  5. We shall see. They lost a ton of talent on both sides.
  6. These games usually end around 63-62 I’ll go with Tatum.
  7. I have no idea how many came out. I love football but I don’t live up there
  8. Better than the heartfelt “we can’t even beat Sabine” story or the “whose the coach this year” story
  9. We had 53 come out. We may drop to 6 man so we can get that title.
  10. Well we have the title of “Owners of Tatum” since 2009. Does that count ?
  11. Slow off-season. I save my best material for football season
  12. No they usually keep their coaches at least one year.
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