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  1. That’s a loss for sure but in my mind not a huge impact on football. He more impacted basketball and made a big impact in the community. Very sorry to see his family gone.
  2. I didn’t say what you said or insulate. I simply asked then you start dancing around like Fred Astaire
  3. I don’t know what you said so I asked. I rarely know what you are thinking even when you explain it
  4. To be honest I think this district is wide open. I don’t think any of the teams will be dominant over the others. Gladewater will be very young but will have talent. It will all depend on how long it takes the kids moving up from JV to adapt to varsity football. I think this years team will have talent but it will come down to being more of a team and not relying on a standout. I’ve heard the kids are working hard so we shall see.
  5. I’m just curious if we will run the wing t, I form, spread or alternate between all 3 again.
  6. True WO the dark horse. They got a lot coming back.
  7. You are right. I should have put Tatum behind Jefferson.
  8. I got ATL, Sabine, GW, Tatum Jefferson and WO
  9. Prayers for family and the entire Tatum community.
  10. I’m sure he just had a change of heart….
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