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  1. MV will be too much for West. They are balanced and have a good defense. West has a very good defense but won’t completely shut MV down. West won’t score enough to win.
  2. I’m going with Brock due to the injuries on JNs side. Otherwise I probably would have chosen JN. As far as either team spanking every one else in 3AD1 I guess we will find out about that in a few weeks.
  3. I was giving him credit he meant that would be the score at half. But I don’t see either.
  4. P.S. Everyone will see what this defense is made of this week. We played GV without our best defensive lineman.
  5. Coach X is my new ride or die. You other boys don’t try to jump on this bandwagon after this week
  6. #13 for GV was basically a non factor. We had multiple kids who covered him very well. #15 is a good one but I don’t think we will need to double him. Tackling on first contact will be a key with #0 and #15. I think we will easily be the best defense MV has seen this year. I don’t think MV is even close to the best defenses we’ve seen. Should be some interesting matchups.
  7. Why aren’t you just living in the stand? Need a thermal scope ?
  8. Thanks man. Much appreciated. We like playing this time of year.
  9. Well we don’t usually go down by 25. It’s usually a heartbreaking triple overtime loss.
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