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  1. @MattStepp Tiger03lb is a very unreliable source of information. He is from Malakoff if that tells you anything. The game chat for several games aren’t working but as long as I can check scores I will be perfectly happy
  2. Man they excavate that field and put in a practice tank for them kids and that fishing team will dominate !
  3. You disappoint me. You better be making the big bucks! I hope you are right about the Bears!
  4. Trust me they won’t we schedule tough every year and before district ever starts folks are ready to fire the whole staff
  5. I’m hearing good things about ours as well but we will see when we line up in the next few weeks.
  6. The offense won’t be the concern. Fite doesn’t play all 11 positions on defense and they didn’t bring back much else. They can run that offense to perfection and still manage to lose a game if they can’t stop anyone. We are in the same boat. We will have a lot to replace on the defensive side. If we can field a decent defense we should be competitive.
  7. Nah just another win like every other time we’ve played Tatum since ‘09.
  8. We dominated ourselves on both sides of the ball.
  9. My bad I guess we will see it. I was thinking we played y’all at home since we were there last year. It will once again be a beautiful sight!
  10. I hate we won’t get to see it on their new scoreboard this year….
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