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  1. After getting beat 55-10 last year I think if I was Winny I’d be saying “We are better than last year. Hopefully we’ve closed the gap” . I was at that game and it was ugly from start to finish. Hopefully this will be a better game and I expect it will be but to think based on statistics against teams not named Malakoff matter is silly Good luck to both teams. I don’t think I will make it to Forney (I wanted to) but I’ll be watching.
  2. Y’all should win at least 2 games in that district now get outta our district thread
  3. I’m going with Koff by a score. This should be a heck of a game tho. A single turnover could determine this game. This will be the best teams that either has faced all season.
  4. Dang @chevyman you ain’t got to on my posts buddy I was just having a little fun with ya! Good luck on Friday
  5. They be like why we playin against old guys with grey hair
  6. Blackngoldtiger told me that they gon win by at lease fiddy and I believe him
  7. I watched this game wondering how Jeffy was losing. Saw a lot of things that made me scratch my head……
  8. Stop McBride…win the game….I’ll take Jeffy by 7!
  9. GW has definitely gotten better and I’m sure MV has as well. GW moved the ball pretty well in the first game running nothing but dive right and dive left so with the offensive playcalling we’ve been having and the improvements by the kids I expect we will continue to move the ball. The key will be if the defense plays better than the first time. I’m going GW by 7.
  10. Yeah y’all were pretty solid too.
  11. They can’t be too bad. We beat them 20-0 and we have a solid JV. Our JV went undefeated in district with a wide margin of victory.
  12. Chevyman knew I was here to heckle him a little.
  13. If you are taking me serious I think you were dropped on your head as a child
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