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  1. You can’t say h*** on here. Ask @Tiger03lb
  2. Y’all gonna run Keeling out of town like the last 5 coaches after we beat y’all again ?
  3. How’s Sharp treating y’all these days ?
  4. Not sure MightyMouse might have bad intentions….
  5. Are we gonna fight ? What list am I on? I just need to know so I can be prepared. I mean I don’t want be next on the list for the bake sale and not bake a cake
  6. I don’t care if we just lay down on it.
  7. How many showed up for that 0-10 last year ?
  8. You don’t know him very well. He ain’t never going away. We can beat them by 100 and he will still be flapping his gums.
  9. I bet if our 6th graders played we would have won that about 163-14 to make up the difference in all the other scores.
  10. You were fed paint chips as a kid. I’m certain of it
  11. Actually I figured that spell check changed it from Gunter to Hunter.
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