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  1. New Boston by 50. Texarkana Gameday will be distraught.
  2. Why did Redwater's QB get checked out of school today? Where is he enrolling at? Drama!!!!
  3. Thanks for talking about our win over Pilot Point. Big win for us, obviously not as big as Redwater though.
  4. Clowns struggled with New Diana for a half!
  5. What has Redwater done so far? Texarkana Gameday is pimping them hard. They struggled with New Diana for a half. They ARE the same old Redwater.
  6. New Boston isn't very good. Did Redwater really struggle with New Diana for a half? Yikes.
  7. No. DK won 7th 2-0 8th DK won 150-0 JV was right though.
  8. Lot's of hype for NB. Scrimmaged a tough Queen City squad, a 2 win Union Grove team, and an 0-10 New Diana who scored a whopping 50 points all of last season. Should be a good game.
  9. Glad DeKalb got rid of Eddy. All we've done since he left was never make the playoffs. Good job school board.
  10. I sure am glad we ran Eddy May out of DeKalb. It's worked out great for us.
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