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  1. Glad DeKalb got rid of Eddy. All we've done since he left was never make the playoffs. Good job school board.
  2. I sure am glad we ran Eddy May out of DeKalb. It's worked out great for us.
  3. Wrong. That was 2 years ago. DK has won 3 in a row. All in New Boston.
  4. Rivercrest scored 3 offensive touchdowns. Congrats on the win last Friday, reached your yearly quota early this year.
  5. Union Grove looked real good Friday. Held Chisum under 60 and didn't even let them rush for 500 yards.
  6. I heard NB looked good in their scrimmage too. Were you there? Who was it against? Should be fun on Friday.
  7. DK had 3 players with over 100 yards rushing against Rivercrest. Rivercrest is better than ND. I see NB is really excited about beating a team who lost a million starters from last year.
  8. Atlanta 7-0 Dekalb 5-2 New Boston 4-2 Hooks 4-3
  9. Ore City beat Waskom. DK beat EF. Not happening.
  10. Might want to tap the brakes. Clarksville has beat 2 of the 3 teams we’ve played.
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