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  1. can you not predict the game anymore?
  2. new president, they apparently went after the sup before but it didnt stick. The meeting went 8 hours because I'm sure the lawyers came in and went into buy outs. To get him to resign I bet they had to pay out the nose. Good for the coach, got out of a situation that they (a few idiots) wanted his head which is never good but hes gonna get PAID. Bad for the kids.
  3. gotta love the hostile take over from a school board.
  4. I know a few that interviewed the first time around this. Were not given an explanation of why they didnt except "its us not you" Must be a reason they have ran through coaches recently.
  5. Any news on Detroit?
  6. What do we know about this peach?
  7. well thats highly irregular
  8. is that the name of this person because the clues are driving me insane lol
  9. i had heard as of saturday they were still reviewing so that timeline either fits is too fast.
  10. aside from two great years the rest seems pretty mundane
  11. any movement on this one?
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