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  1. is anyone shocked at the debacle that is Bonham?
  2. doubt that the score is that. its hard to pick a favorite in this series as they are both so closely matched.
  3. looks like they should have got them some reps.
  4. I was at the Malakoff and Crockett Scrimmage....Crockett isnt very good. Very passive on defense. Figured Mart would be further out than this.
  5. I could be wrong on this, but last I had heard they had brought their ratings up to a B. They are definitely on a better path than they were.
  6. there were 5 that 'made it' then the whole system was found to be wrong. the valedictorian lost that title as well which is a bad look already. I'm just wondering if the entire after school activities thing is for real. Volleyball is also cancelled? Band failed out too? I find it a bit much to punish the ENTIRE after school community unless they all didnt make the grade.
  7. I'm not saying this isnt a good thing but how do you punish ALL students?
  8. @MattStepp When will 7A be a thing? I know they have been discussing it but I dunno how close we are to it.
  9. word on the street that perineal powerhouse Venus is no on the search for the next coach.
  10. Sean Berry out of Runge......do yourself a favor and research that one.
  11. I would want a girls coordinator of MY choosing. I have to trust this person not to stab me in the back. It shouldnt be up to the Sup and parents who it is because that cuts me out of the loop, thus endangering my job. I know a girls coordinator makes things better but that doesnt mean that they get the same job abilities as me.
  12. would also like to point out that its usually the same coaches that when they were carrying the whistle they were the ones complaining about the principal and administrative goings on. I get that its different on the other side of it but that doesnt mean you have to put your testicular fortitude on the shelf.
  13. I haven now worked for 5 and its almost an even split amongst good and bad. He barely survived the Surgery to become an Administrator where they remove half your brain, both your balls, and your entire spine. This explains the bad ones to a tee. They are the worst administrators on earth. Cowards to the core once they get the sport coat.
  14. lots of movement late the last few years. there will be a few more by july.
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