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  1. NFHS is gonna need to amp up their servers. A little slow lately.
  2. I like my drinks shaken, no need to stir them up more than that.
  3. careful with this one. The one who takes it may not be in control if you catch my drift.
  4. Malakoffs defense is legit. I'm picking them because of that fact. We will see how Winnsboro deals with being pushed for the first real time this year.
  5. Also, I feel for you. moving your family over there for them to do what hubbard does. It is interesting that you spoke of basketball, the stories I've heard also involve basketball. I dont want to tell the whole thing as its your story, and hubbard aint worth telling a hubbard story.
  6. The story I have makes you look like an upstanding guy. You didnt deserve to get the treatment you got and I definitely get why you left.
  7. its a crazy story that would take way too long to type about that place.
  8. Anyone got any insight into Blue Ridge who is green in color? Saw they posted their AD job but they have a guy who was named the Interim I figured they would just install. They going another direction?
  9. if you are basing it off of max preps its deceiving. Not everyone enters stats there, those that do all do it different.
  10. I'm gonna throw it back at you and say MV hasnt dealt with the type of team that they are about to deal with. Malakoff is really strong, really physical, and really fast. Pair that with the great coaching staff and MV isnt going to be able to keep up.
  11. fired and never allowed back on a sideline
  12. lets just say, for what ifs sake, groesbeck manages a miracle and beats malakoff. what does that do to the bracket.
  13. someone beat me to the feel good vote.
  14. you knew HP wouldnt stay up for long.
  15. someone beat me to the give a vote for the underdog so Ill go with the Tigres
  16. voting for eustace....not that they have a chance but everyone deserves one vote
  17. now this is something that we can all agree on
  18. Hard to beat grandviews helmets
  19. The amount of people defending/explaining the refs actions is astounding to me. Good on the UIL to do what they are doing.
  20. His daddy is the HC and the kid is a highly touted kid in 3A. This is flat out wrong. Read or not, the kid ran into the stationary object. That happens due to the presence of a ref in the defensive backfield. Now, you could argue the ref losing his balance, you could argue the ref just grabbing anything to stay up. You cannot argue him throwing a flag on the player and ejecting him. From what I know of the KID, he is a great athlete and great student. The type of young man you want in your program. I doubt he deliberately ran the ref over, or did anything to be deserved to be slung around by his head and helmet pulled off, only to then get kicked out of the game.
  21. Brock should be going up. Gunter going up to D1
  22. If the poll is for Fairfield to score then I would have thought about clicking yes.......but they dont stand a chance.
  23. is anyone shocked at the debacle that is Bonham?
  24. doubt that the score is that. its hard to pick a favorite in this series as they are both so closely matched.
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