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  1. You are thinking of BLOOMING Grove down in the golden circle area of central Texas. HONEY Grove is up in the North East portion of Texas. While the people are similar, the geography and scenery is completely different.
  2. its definitely glen rose's to lose
  3. What is going on in Mathis. Just read something about the sup and ad on leave with pay
  4. rough year. any upside to this one?
  5. Hes a great coach. From what I heard about that whole situation and knowing him over there he was getting everything he could out of them football wise.
  6. I'm not sure if it is open, they may have taken the guy Dracos said should take it. His wife is a higher up there if memory serves.
  7. G.A. Moore making a comeback?
  8. seems as though it has slowed down @MattStepp is this when the AD/HFC jobs are pretty well done?
  9. because those guys are known for telling the truth
  10. has there been any movement on this
  11. 3 things I speculate will happen 1. Private schools are about to raise their rates by $XXX dollars because thats what the government gives them. Every few years we will have to raise the amount of money given, and they will raise the rates. Look at the other states and follow that. That is what Texas will look like soon. These politicians are making Texas just like everyone else. 2. Eventually, the state will have control over the private education sector. As parents start complaining and those school teach what they want to teach and what is not told to them, problems will arise. This will lead the state to want to account for tax dollars they are spending, leading to oversite. The unwanted product of all of this is now private schools, that people were trying to get away from the government telling them what to do, will be ran by the government. 3. DFW/San Antonio/Austin/Houston are about to be greatly effected. You could soon see IMG type academies popping up pulling the best of the best to their teams. The real question is going to be will public schools play them? It doesnt work well when other states allow those type schools to play public schools, but it happens every year.
  12. you gotta be really bad at recruiting to get caught recruiting.
  13. just funnin about. Good luck to him.
  14. Will they keep this one around longer than a year?
  15. is he a great coach and even better twitter user?
  16. https://dentonrc.com/sports/high_schools/pilot_point_bearcats/report-pilot-point-head-football-coach-athletic-director-resigns-after-one-season/article_aca3247d-073e-5673-b866-685a734597c4.html
  17. Judging by the news article I read, the tradition has sank like the titanic. Coaches being fired, trainers doing nefarious activities, multiple administration changes. Lots of negatives going on there.
  18. Pilot point is always open
  19. Maybe he is sending his response back through the pony express?
  20. as far up into the north east as it is......they definitely still use telegraphs. Not sure the DFW does though.
  21. and 2 years later, the job is back on the hunt again. Heck, a lot are turning over in a year!
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