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  1. Dawson barely finished the season last year but due to the weak district will make the playoffs but are fighting for 3rd. Mart and Wortham will run by all the rest. Frost will be better this year but to what extent is hard to say. Hico & Hubbard could battle for a spot. First two are correct, and its not even close. After that it is a crapshoot but I think Meridian & Hubbard are definitely out. Its also fun that when you make the playoffs and make a run you get the opportunity to run into.....Mart again!!!
  2. surely youre kidding
  3. I'm one of these 'new age' coaches but I love the old school offenses. I know as a D coordinator its something that the kids and coaches are not used too so its hard to get ready for. Also worked in as a defensive coordinator with an old school offense and I can tell you its my favorite from that standpoint as well as I was on defense a lot less than when I was attached to a spread. Anytime the defense isnt on the field it cant give up points which is always a plus. There is a place in the world for spread, but not every place in the world should run spread.
  4. you'd figure, but havent seen it posted on any of the job boards. Very possible its been lost in the HUNDREDS of other jobs posted.
  5. Dang, the enemy is watching! Everyone look busy!
  6. I've been on both sides of the "grind" Working for a school in the metroplex as a JH coach was 6:30 in the morning to 6:00 at night during the week. Thursdays extend that to 9. Fridays extend it to when film and laundry was done which could be anywhere from 1 to 3. Get back up there at 8 for film til 12 and again on sunday from 3 to around 8. Brutal but learned a lot from a top quality program. My next job was the same during the week except now varsity level. Thursdays the same. Fridays pretty much the same, usually done by 1 at the latest though. Saturdays 8-4 and sundays were optional which I went anyways because I'm a go getter. 10 to around 5. Cluster most of the times. Next job was the easiest I've done. First period athletics so get there 7:15 and done with the day by 6:30. Thursday is the same. Fridays the same but usually got out around 12-1. Didnt work from the office on Saturday at all but watched film all day and had to be ready for sunday. Sunday came in after church and got the gameplan going. Early in the season it would be around 6 when we left, by the end it was closer to 4 since we had a pretty good bead on what we had and wanted to do. Also had the most success during this job as well. Current job. We hit it running at 7 and dont go home til 7 during the week. Thursdays are much easier, dont have to go to JH athletics so get there around 8 and get done same as all the others. Fridays same arrival time but tend to get out around 1. Saturday get there at 9 out by 1. Sunday get there at 1 leave by 7. Lots of success here as well. There are many ways to skin a cat. All require quite a bit of time. Depends on the staff, kids you got, and who the HC is. My brother, who also coaches, has been under a coach who required 12 hour days....EVERYDAY! So when you get into those thursdays and fridays you are looking at 80+ hours. All for 3 wins a year. This is more common than you think BUT that line of thinking is starting to fade unless you have HCs that grew up in that system.
  7. Guys....you are explaining to those who dont want to know.
  8. lets not even get started on that. Why it costs 90 million to test kids is unreal. This state will never get rid of standardized testing though, we started it and we will stick with it.
  9. I'm the opposite, local control of it would be beneficial. I understand why its not but those in Austin dont seem to understand what is needed in Lubbock and other places. They dont know how do do much of anything right if were all being honest here.
  10. almost if not all of the schools dollars are accounted for or have to be earmarked for certain things. so much for salary, so much for students, so much for materials that sort of thing.
  11. The Georgia model wont bring more in. Giving people less money isnt going to get more people in. Most of our income is derived from our teaching salary. Coaching makes up between 10-30% of that income in most cases. So you want to cut that and think it will help? I will also provide you with this: https://www.ajc.com/sports/high-school-sports-blog/shortage-of-coaches-a-growing-concern-for-ghsa/RJOCNY3D6JHGFIZCXTP475CBLI/ Same problem, in the area you stated. You are being obtuse on purpose. Now, is there something that needs to be done? You bet. You will get no argument from me on this one.
  12. I'm a 10 year coach/teacher. The most alarming thing I am seeing now is not young coaches and teachers getting out after 1 or 2 years. That is fairly normal. The trend that is by far more alarming than that is those who have been doing it 10-20 years getting out. On top of that is the lack of those getting in we are in a real tough spot.
  13. Im not one to get into an internet fight with someone who is talking out of his backside....but this friggin guy. I'd love to see your data on this that isnt from bribart or ONE network.
  14. Wilder seems to hold up better but ProMaxima isnt bad.
  15. stepp seems to contradict this.
  16. anyone heard anything on this one.
  17. theyve had one good year out of the last several. how are they looking in the future?
  18. West Texas Oil Field Trash here.
  19. listen, he walked up hill both ways in 100 degree heat and 10 foot of snow. He doesnt need your sass
  20. buffalo is open or sup is open?
  21. I will say that our profession is far from perfect, we could change a lot but some of the stuff the government and TV heads say about it are far from true here in Texas.
  22. yepp, the generation of parent that allowed this generation of parent to get trophies for everything and started the grumbling of coaches and teachers are always wrong started it. Like all things, it multiplies over a generation. "Hard times create hard men, soft times create soft men"
  23. Since covid, lots of teachers, coaches, and even AD's are getting out. As was said above lots of administrations have become impossible to deal with as they seemed to have gone insane after covid. Communities have also changed drastically during this time. Add in rogue parents who have become even more emboldened through political rhetoric, on either side, and you are now seeing the result on education. There are many on this site that will disagree, but they are probably not in the mix of it. The kids are still the same kids we all were during our youth, the parents and surrounding environment around them has changed and has caused 'the job' to much harder than it was as little as 5 years ago.
  24. anyone heard anything on this?
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