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  1. agreed, youre a lot closer than any of us, was just posing a possibility. I've heard on the streets a former successful coach of the indians is an applicant.
  2. or they didnt get the amount of applicants they thought they were going to get?
  3. listen, being hostile on a message board doesnt make you cool. I'm not in on it, just interested in who is.
  4. I've been apart of several games and meets with them. kids compete hard but there just isnt much there.
  5. Great read Mr. Puckett I was recently at a place that was a 'flexbone' team. We ran that but we also ran the Wishbone.....ALOT. You can do all the things out of the bone that you can from the flex. Its a great system that translates. Teams struggled against us because we could get into Flex with or wthout a TE, Wishbone, unbalanced wishbone, and spread. The plays were the same, I bet we didnt have more than 15-20 plays, but the looks gave people fits. The only thing we ever struggled with was when the flex was out of the pistol it just seemed to hit too slow for us.
  6. other sports chief. They are really good 2A baseball, mediocre in 3A. Same with Basketball.
  7. I know they are talented when they go to 2A but struggle bad in 3A. Hows it look then next few years?
  8. yep, AD contracts in march, teachers late this month or next month, teacher's have been getting pushed back further and further since I started. We havent been getting contracts til late april/early may the past few years. With the shortage getting worse, this will be an interesting year. It is really hard to plan the way they have been pushing it. When I first started it was late march early april when you knew. Now AD's are getting canned at those times and the rest of us are left scrambling.
  9. I could be wrong but wouldnt just creating a 7A do the same thing theoretically
  10. Did it. DC, Head Powerlifting, Head Track, Assistant AD, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, US history teacher, Field guy, bus guy, etc. Made 55k. Would have topped out at 70. Stipend was 5k plus days. Its not for everyone.
  11. So, again, you're taking one situation and using it to blanket statement this whole situation. A coach who has gone for 27 years doesnt deserve 65k? If he still does his job he does, but most coaches havent done it that long and dont make that much. Most coaches at these schools are coaching 3-4 sports, teaching (loose term) 4-5 classes, and may even have some sort of maintenance duty they keep up with. I've been involved in a few of them myself, most coaches I had was 10 boys coaches at a 3A and we still all did 3 sports and made the golden 65k you speak of. Never did at 2A, even though I did WAY more work. You also have a good day bro.
  12. This one has always been a bit much to me but they also have upwards of 300 kids on a football program and such. 6 boys and 3 girls with some of the outlier sports such as tennis getting a regular teacher to watch them is the norm at 2A.
  13. I feel like ive said this to you before, but this is a gross misuse of information that isnt remotely true for majority of small schools. I can tell you with absolute certainty that having 9 male coaches on a 2a staff is not the norm. 1 or 2 women coaches for 4 to 5 sports? Really? And then to say they make 65k is laughable. You should be more informed before making your opinions known.
  14. oh my, that seems worse than what I had heard.
  15. They split the position i am told. principals husband is now the girls ad. no idea on the boys side.
  16. these hires always scare me for the school. yes they have the tradition on their side, but they also arent used to the problems that the lack of tradition, and most important, lack of athletic ability they just came from will cause. Not saying the Rebels wont have some athletes, but they wont be Celina athletes who have Celina tradition.
  17. it is a tough district but after watching some film on them, theres no reason they were that bad. Offensively their line is big but its like they have no idea of the little things, their pass schemes seem to be 3 route combos, qb was rough but he may be young and doesnt know what to look at, but they did seem to have some athletes. Defensively......lets not even talk about that because I would rather not throw up my dinner.
  18. can a slot t or flex team help them? It looks like spread and no defense is impossible for them.
  19. Has anyone heard anything from Scurry Rosser
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