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  1. what has rivercrest run in the past few years offensively?
  2. why would you leave crockett for dawson, seems like a step backwards.
  3. My thought on all this is this: Push football back a month, get full season in. Push basketball back a month but eliminate a tournament Keep baseball the same, eliminate a tournament and probably finish close to the same time. track,golf, etc can all be done as normal.
  4. How bad has it actually been? Is it really as bad as has been out there in the media?
  5. "meeting with the governor" hope you boys like basketball........
  6. again, hope youre right. I know there is a movement among teachers, stupidly might i add, to not be back in school but have digital learning again. I am not among those because I know that we will lose a lot of teachers and probably a paycheck. We will probably mostly all start the season, we will definitely not finish the season. Dallas will probably be the first to go, if I had to guess.
  7. we can have sayings all day, it wont stop them from closing shop due to liability. Smaller districts probably wont, bigger ones wont want to take the risk and it will trickle down.
  8. I hope you are right but I doubt it. Big districts will be the first to scare off due to this.
  9. Anyone know anything about Clarksville? Athletes? Admin?
  10. hes wrong but probably going to be right in the end. Rasputin is predicting the future.
  11. Dawson JV 35 Hubbard JV 0 Clock ran all second half and never stopped.
  12. DZ my man! I see the rif raf of TOC is making its way here.
  13. I've got a backyard and probably more than a few neighbors who would 'watch' the fire for me while it burned down.
  14. Been every year to AT&T and went the one year in NRG. Houston ####. Dallas #### too but its a good location.
  15. Mart could win it in 3A II if they had a few more players their depth would be an issue. They could win it there IMO.
  16. Grapeland....solid pick almost no doubt here Lovelady......quite possibly but dont count out dawson Evadale......Frost has a lot of speed so I think it will go the other way West Hardin.......I know you have to homer but if they dont put 60 on you I'd be surprised.
  17. They do not have a population that is best suited for futbol
  18. I may be in the minority here but I dont care. If you are going to change your self into something that is not on your birth certificate then you shouldnt be allowed to compete at all. Your a freak, freaks belong in the circus, not on the field of play. Now in todays soft as a bunny society that will never happen. But thats my view.
  19. Thats the world we live in these days. Makes me sick that parents cant deal with competitiveness anymore.
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