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  1. Needing a powerlifting meet that still has availability for girls to lift this coming week. Region is wierd and have an extra week to qualify and I have a few girls on the bubble. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I'm guessing if you are a consolidated school then you are only eligible for basketball and field events during track season?
  3. You "perfect world" people are what has caused the problems in the first place. Contact your government....they seem to be doing a great job at fixing the school system, maybe they can help.
  4. except he won.....and he is getting alot of good attention....another win.....and he now has his athletes on his side....hat trick!
  5. anyone have a picture of the Texas Bigfoot? I hear he roams those parts as well. Wonder if he and the Black Jag have ever quarreled?
  6. possible, he has had the athletes every year to go where he could go. takes a strong leader to do it consistently though.
  7. Hes talking about princiPALs not princiPLES. I've been with both and, to me, it really depends on the background of the person, not the gender. The artsy types who were art teachers english teachers or band directors or have limited sports experience(just examples take it easy) are generally not friendly to sports from what I have seen. The ones who played sports are usually good with sports being a priority.
  8. Those people make me sick.....If you cant do a comprehensive power and explosion workout at the high school and college level then you need to find somewhere else to go.
  9. The only time I will allow them to attempt to get into another classification is if we are a pound or less away. Even then we will not be doing any running before a meet. Most of those kids are so weak by the time they make the weight they are useless, not to mention unhealthy.
  10. Dying area, proceed with extreme caution
  11. Those are always eye openers....I remember the thoughts "holy Sh!t, hes fast" several times.
  12. where is the comedy drums when you need them
  13. Jr. High isn't one of those things your can predict easily. Have coached at both the Jr. High and High School level and you know there will be a few kids who will be studs, some that will turn into studs, and those who will fizzle out. You cant predict the teenage mind at all but coaching plays a big role in keeping them going. With that said, when they get to high school ( at least in a football standpoint) the numbers game will play a huge role well so you want to try to keep even the worst kid on the team as they may serve as a huge part of the team.
  14. Jr year heading into senior year. Never got above 5'8 185. Good size for an RB until you throw in the 4.7 speed and the fact that I was mostly a fullback. Got some "offers" (more a less come play here and we will buy you books) from JUCOs. By the end of my senior year I just didnt want to play anymore if it wasnt going anywhere. Kind of glad that I decided to give up on it, my neck is pretty muffed up from hitting with my head for all of those years and who knows how far it would be deteriorated at this point if I had played another 2 or so years.
  15. Well I live in Navarro County now, so exchange Meth for crack.
  16. Does Wichita County count? Meth Labs are essential to the economy there
  17. 3 words for the worst.....Burkburnett Bulldog Stadium I havent been back there since going to school there but my family told me that it was built in the 60's and from the looks of things not a lot has been updated about it.
  18. This except switch Katy and Cedar Hill
  19. I have friends from Brock and they all say that winning is expected from the programs. The kids are held to a standard in every aspect of their lives. They also said it was a huge fight to get football in Brock with most of the old gaurd keeping it from happening. It took some big fundraisers to get it started. Luckily the area has a lot of affluent people to help out.
  20. "Border Crisis...its ok we can wait, Budget Balance...not important, Jobs....we have some, but these playoff situations need our attention now" Gotta love the government
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