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  1. Kind of a vague statement. Elaborate sir....
  2. It might take a few years with this new Navasota coaching staff. Carthage is blessed to have Coach Surratt and his coaching staff and a community that loves their football teams. They are going to be a “wrecking ball” for many years come.
  3. Carthage will be in the thick of the 4AD1 Championship next year!
  4. I love the Dawgs but I think Longview would beat LV, LH and Carthage this year pretty soundly.
  5. I certainly do not believe Carthage wants to take on Longview.....
  6. I’m thinking you should get “Homer of the Year award”....for those comments.
  7. Should have dug deeper before commenting but even though we disagree we should be civil. Glad that this situation dissolved. I have read your comments for years and had never thought you were a blowhard but a passionate blogger. Merry Christmas and may next year bring you your heart’s desires.
  8. I have never been a fan of “bullies”. I could care less if Grandview or Malakoff won the State Championship Game. No one should talk that way to anyone.
  9. I would look like to look you in the eye and I am really easy to find. Shoulda...coulda...woulda..... but it did not go your way....own it dude. The guy was only making a comment and you trash him.
  10. I agree with you and PG plays great defense but Whittington made everyone else look like they were in slow motion. I think he is just as good or better that Keontay Ingraham and that is a huge compliment.
  11. Classy statements Hawknation. With your head coach they will continue to be a powerhouse.....
  12. As I remember when LV was driving for the winning TD that Argyle was called for 12 men on the field giving LV a first down. Coach Rodgers called a time out and they huddled up and got another 12 men on the field penalty. Next play LV scored. Never seen that called consecutively with a timeout before ever.
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