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  1. He has been spotted. So has Baca.
  2. That's false. This wasn't a desperation hire because everyone said no. This was, what the board felt, was the best ALL-AROUND hire. Atlanta just isn't a school willing to sell their souls to win football games. You've got to think - everything goes in to hiring the face of your program. Past, public records, all of it. With that being said, I've heard of a couple of coordinators they may be going for, and I'm pretty optimistic. They seem to be a great family, with a passion for the game.
  3. The list of credible applicants was pretty long. I heard several names floating around that it would be hard to choose one or the other. Can't rush a process like this. First out of town hire for Atlanta since 1987.
  4. Should have an answer by the end of the week. March was the presumable deadline.
  5. Let's not forget about the Russian/Saudi price war. Crude dipped below $0.00 a barrel at the exact same time a national pandemic struck. Rigs were dragging up left and right. Hard to produce barrels of oil when it's worthless. I think the price of oil averaged somewhere under $20 for 2 months. As bad as it sounds, a lot of these companies aren't prepared to handle losing money for a single month, much less 2 months. It's my understanding (just from the people I know that own rigs) that at $20 a barrel they will be losing money. I think they magic number they were using was in the $30 range, bu
  6. Kind of surprised to see Atlanta isn't in the top 20. Baseball team should be pretty stout this year. They did lose a big time pitcher last year though. Robbed in the name of COVID.
  7. Not saying that Baca is a bad coach by any means. I'm not sure what the lack of consistency is. He always had Atlanta's number. But, there are just more appealing applicants, a lot really. We just lost one though.
  8. To be fair, McClure has had lots of success at Atlanta. I have not and will not forget Atlanta going 2-8, 3-7, and 1-9 the 3 years prior to his arrival. There were some 12-14 kids that went to play JUCO ball from those classes. They were loaded with talent. Nobody makes any bones about the fact the program is definitely in better shape than it was when he came here. I'm not sure the reasoning behind the sudden slump, but this was a decision McClure himself made, so he must have felt there needed to be change as well. I mean, even with the long successful tenure of Scharnberg, there came a time
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