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  1. Yeah. To be honest, I was thoroughly impressed with the freshman last week. Y'all are stacked at RB. It's crazy.
  2. Good to see the Atlanta kid toting the rock like a star for Carthage. Hate we couldn't get it together to keep him here. I expect to see more great things out of him.
  3. No they're not lol. You just don't live close enough to them to hear it.
  4. Perfect football weather is 35 degrees and raining. Anything warmer/drier than that is just another day.
  5. Yeah they did. They couldn't stop the run at all the 2nd half. Future is bright for our young o-line. I just hope we can get someone to fill half the hole Bijan and Roschon will leave. Those 2 have been amazing. Both are incredibly special individuals.
  6. While I agree, I don't know where he would have gone. The only difference between here and somewhere else, is the possible Heisman consideration. He's still probably going to end up a top 5 in rushing yards, and top 5 in passing TDs. I'd say that's pretty good. The only teams with a RB anywhere around him that are still in the playoff hunt are TCU and Michigan.
  7. There is no chance Surratt leaves for any other high school in Texas. The only way I ever think he leaves is to go to the next level. I guarantee you Scott has a lot of respect for the CISD for taking a shot hiring him to begin with. I know schools that turned him down... one of them really well as a matter of fact. Imagine being one of those!
  8. Nobody said "until they get in the playoffs." Interpretation is everything I guess. By riding the wave for another week, most would insinuate that I was saying that y'all will continue for one more week. I mean, you're saying the same thing, just without phrasing. I guess I could just say... "PG win this week, lose next week. Uga duga" Y'all act like I'm just here taking shots. If you want to take it as snide, then that's fine I suppose. I said the same thing you did, just in a different way. Heck, I wish we still had a wave to ride. Why would I need to read the entire thread to make an interpretation on what I think is going to happen? It makes me no difference what you think, because it's all opinionated. I literally only said "PG will ride the wave for one more week," and then I get told how bad Atlanta is.
  9. "Well our good things end a lot later than (insert your school here)'s ever do"
  10. Watch what you say, or don't let them find out who you're a fan of if you're going to mention Carthage.
  11. Good luck PG. What I've said doesn't reflect my views on the program, just towards a couple of disgruntled individuals. I think PG beats Aubrey, loses to Carthage next week. I stand behind what I said many moons ago, that Carthage dropping to 4AD2 was the worst thing that could happen for schools like PG. There's nothing wrong with admiring greatness. I enjoyed the years of watching PG beat up on Gilmer. That felt like winning for even an Atlanta fan.
  12. We'll be seeing y'all in a couple of weeks. Just prolonging the inevitable.
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