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  1. I wouldn't be upset to see some I form. Anything to help block. But you're right. More times than not, RB/QB have to break a tackle or two before they ever see the line of scrimmage.
  2. Yeah nobody in Atlanta expected us to be worse than last year for sure. The team is still young, but they were young last year. I see teams go win state championships with sophomore QBs and youth abundant all the time. Culture change doesn't happen overnight though. We just need these kids to weather the storm and be leaders for the younger groups coming up. That being said, Atlanta still has a stout group of gifted athletes. I honestly think, if by some divine miracle, they start figuring their blocking out, and start limiting their offensive mistakes, they can be lethal. Skill positions are very, very good.
  3. Does it change if they're in a 3 point stance? I honestly have no idea. I didn't watch this part of the coach's show. I just knew that there were some pretty bad calls as far as the "incomplete pass" and "lateral" went. In a close game, when it comes down to a possession or 2, these can be huge calls. Ultimately, it shouldn't come down to that. I've only seen Brook Hill twice, and they've been very well coached both times. I felt like Atlanta had far more athletes on the field, even having a team half the size. We just can't seem to get all the pieces working together. We're losing at the LOS consistently, so it's almost impossible to do anything when that's a factor. Depth is a huge issue in Atlanta though. Just not enough kids. We have just enough kids that we could have an inter-squad scrimmage with no back-ups lol.
  4. Well, the football is has a funny shape, and it does funny things. Hopefully it's a good, clean game, with good calls made on both sides. Here's a lovely depiction of the misses this past Friday though. The first was ruled an incomplete pass - it was blatantly obvious on stream, and I wasn't standing mere feet from the QB. The second could go either way in real time, but I thought at the time it was a forward pass, and in the clip is looks like a forward pass, but it was ruled a fumble. Either way, I don't think it should have ever come down to plays like this, but they are momentum swingers for sure. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxCADEzyQtIh3YHGpuFqIT1R7NRIeN_Uql?si=ABarK6FSxsMBVgtI https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxee6YJTfWy52OwxKt88V3hb0Kj22XPGL-?si=fmqyQ3NQNpmoTxc8
  5. 29-14 LE. 1:22 left in the 3rd. This game will be out of hand soon.
  6. Atlanta runs back kickoff. 2pt no good. 14-8 ATL - 11:43 left in the 3rd.
  7. Atlanta strikes first. 95 yard TD pass. 8-0 ATL - 9:25 left in the 2nd.
  8. Boy Alabama on the backpedal after all those videos surfaced of their fans trashing the Texas players. Great look for them after such a great weekend! Love that Kielan Robinson made a trip over to the recruit section to tell them to come to Texas! Gah I love college football.
  9. It's hit or miss though man. I feel like, when he has a great gameplan, they're near unstoppable. But I've seen so often when it feels like the gameplan was only for... a half.. or 3 quarters. Maybe it's just me. But he's had excellent gameplans for Alabama 2 years in a row. Quinn has absolutely balled against Bama for the 5 quarters he's faced them. On another note, who was absolutely amazed by that first TD throw to Worthy? When he let the ball go, I was like... holy smokes what a moon shot. I could not believe he dropped it in there like that, and an equally as awesome of a job of Worthy to keep up with that ball and catch it.
  10. How awesome is it to see Sark's play designs in full force? It's like... for the biggest of games... he can draw up such an amazing gameplan. The difference between Saturday, and what's been happening, is finishing. They finished the game Saturday, and it could have easily been 42/46-24. Texas left some points on the board, no doubt. But the play from start to finish was excellent. The plays Sark was drawing up were awesome. He may or may not be the guy, but he is an amazing play-caller when the stars align haha.
  11. Congrats New Boston! No question who wanted it more, from start to finish.
  12. Yeah that's probably a wrap. Goodness.
  13. Well 10 minute halftime. They started early so I missed our only TD
  14. Man, been playing for 17 minutes and we having a full halftime .
  15. Well, the back-up is the Sophomore, so it should be interesting.
  16. Hopefully they can figure something out in their sleep. Atlanta mishandled numerous snaps. Bad snap on the punt resulted in very short field for NB. Miscommunication on the first drive. 3 false starts in a row on the 2nd drive. It's been rough. Starting QB came out for a few snaps with an injury, went back in, but doesn't seem the same. Backup QB was taking snaps when game was called. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow, but at least I will be able to watch it.
  17. We debated on driving back. 40 minutes is a ways though
  18. I would have definitely taken you up on it if I hadn't had my boy with me. He's got a couple of baseball games starting at 9 in the morning so we had to dip.
  19. Big boy pops at your place till then?
  20. Maybe we can go ahead and make our halftime adjustments now.
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