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  1. Enough of talking about those 4 teams, now... Florida State...
  2. Team Title Odds Michigan +170 Alabama +190 Texas +310 Washington +700
  3. LSU - BAMA is a huge rivalry game. Comparing like opponent scores is elementary stuff.
  4. Did they beat Alabama or Georgia? We claim FSU's credible win is LSU, well LSU isn't even the best team in the SEC, not even top 4. The ACC went 6-4 against the SEC, with 5 of those wins coming from bottom feeders this season. The combined record of those 5 teams was 26-34. FSU beat the 5th best team in the conference and that's supposed to be massive.
  5. You may actually be on to something. I actually give the Big 12 the upper hand, but it's a little closer than I anticipated. The bottom of the Big 12 is pretty rough. I still feel like the Big 12 has 5 of the 8 better teams in each conference, if not 6.
  6. Yeah but you can be a 4th seed and get in the playoffs here. You don't have to win district. 1st place seeds get knocked out all the time because they play in weak districts. ACC is weak. It's the weakest P5 this season by a margin.
  7. Okay so I get it. I get what you're saying. I guess we're arguing over different variations of the same thing. I'm not saying that the entire thing isn't a rigged sham. I'm not the almighty, but this entire situation may just be all business. But I'm also saying... I think the 4 teams that are in it, are 4 of the 5 best teams in the country, and I don't think FSU is one of them - conferences, business, gimmicks aside. I still don't think that being undefeated earns you an unprecedented slot in the CFP, as I've argued this for years about Notre Dame. I get why people can be so upset with the committee though being who's actually in the CFP. I'm sure it does make it a lot easier for them when the outlier will substantially increase revenue.
  8. Texas High goes undefeated all the time and I never even kid myself into thinking they'll contend for anything haha!
  9. I'm not saying that going undefeated isn't impressive. But who you play matters, as it should. You can't really make the comparison at the high school level, because more teams get in the playoffs than teams that don't. But how many teams do you see win a state championship that have a loss? You telling me those teams shouldn't have gotten a shot to begin with because they possibly played a tougher schedule than a team that didn't have any losses? It's not necessarily about how "pretty" the wins are, but about who you actually beat, or if they even have a pulse. I don't understand how we can not be on the same page here. FSU is ranked 55 in strength of schedule. Michigan #51 so I'll give you that, but they dominated down the stretch and are healthy. Washington #8, Alabama #6, Texas #2. I'm trying to understand, I really am, but the circumstances matter - or at least they should. SoS matters. Injuries matter. Timing matters. Maybe it should, maybe it shouldn't. I hate it for Georgia too. I'd be willing to guarantee they'd be a favorite against any team in the playoff right now, but 1 slip up in a 30 game stretch can be costly.
  10. I really wish Texas had gotten to play Michigan. I think Texas matches up super well against them.
  11. I'm sorry. We'll have to agree to disagree. I have said for years that going undefeated when playing a poopoo schedule should not get you in the CFP, or even the BCS NCG. I have spent so many years being upset because Notre Dame got in and pushed teams that legitimately had shots at winning the NC, that I have to go down with that ship. Florida State would have been this year's Notre Dame, or 2014's Florida State, and I'm just glad the CFP spared us of having to watch that nonsense once again. In my eyes, going undefeated against nobodies earns you less than beating contenders, even if you suffer a loss to one along the way. Nobody on FSU's schedule is a contender. Alabama beat 1 team that makes a strong argument for being in the CFP, and lost to a team that's in the CFP. Michigan beat a team that was a CFP contender all season (whether they play anybody or not, OSU is still a contender), and Penn State only lost to those 2 teams, so they could have been a contender in the mix. Washington beat a CFP contender in Oregon twice, when I really didn't think they'd beat them once. Texas could have easily been slotted at 4/5 if they hadn't beaten Alabama.
  12. FSU wouldn't beat LSU if they played now though. Not a chance. Jordan Travis was the reason they won that game to begin with.
  13. The argument could be made that any team in the top 25 is a "good team," but I'm talking about winning the national championship, which would be beating great teams. You putting Florida State in the CFP doesn't say "Oh, I think they can beat good teams" - It's saying that you think they could legitimately be the best team in the country. It's okay to say you don't think that. There have been so many times in the past that so many people have been upset that teams like FSU, Notre Dame, and so forth get a shot just because of their record, while knowing they haven't played anyone. If it wasn't bad enough, they lost arguably the best player on the team and their field general.
  14. Why is Michigan #4? Quite literally, Michigan's win over Ohio State is more impressive than any win Florida State has had since 2016, and it's not even that crazy. Florida State just literally doesn't play anybody, and it's their own fault. But Michigan has also beat more teams win winning records as well. Michigan won their bowl game in dominating fashion. Alabama beat the best team in the country, who is getting robbed even more so than Florida State. They beat 6 teams with winning records, which is even more than FSU did , even after losing a game. I'm not saying that Alabama is the most deserving team of the SEC, but when you beat Georgia, it's hard to argue. Do you think the CFP ranks teams how they HYPOTHETICALLY THINK they'll look in a month? What the heck man? Are you reading what you're posting? You say I sound like the Obama administration (whatever that's supposed to mean), but yet you want Florida State to get a CFP bid for being a good sport and bullying the little kids on the playground. Come on man. I don't know who you're trying to convince here but you're going about it all wrong. I DO hate that Florida State can't prove themselves (which I don't think they could even if they wanted to), but at the end of the day, I don't honestly - and can't even talk myself into believing, that they could compete with anyone really in the top 10. They're just not that good. I don't think they were very good even with Jordan Travis, but without him they're hard to watch. Being undefeated is cool and all, but if they had any real competition scheduled at all, we wouldn't really be having to have this discussion now - and they really don't have anyone to blame but themselves.
  15. Why does going undefeated in the weakest power 5 conference cause you to DESERVE it? Not because you belong there, but because it's "owed" to you. If every power 5 winner went undefeated, someone would still be left out. When people DESERVE to get in, rather than actually being a top 4 team, you get 40 point blowouts, and that's exactly what would happen. It's already happened to FSU before. It's not good for the CFP, it's not good for the fans, and it's just not good football, plain and simple. The question is simple, is FSU better than any of the other teams 1-6? Have they done something to make you believe they're good enough to beat any of those 5 teams? That's the question that you have to ask yourself instead of just looking at some bogus inflated record.
  16. IMAGINE demanding respect and wanting to be put in the playoff, but being a 14 point underdog in your bowl game. SHEEESH.
  17. It couldn't possibly be because there just happens to be better teams in those conferences. There's no way.
  18. I still don't believe that any of you actually think FSU is a top 4 team in the country right now. I keep seeing the Ohio State reference. Y'all do know Cardale Jones passed for 250+ and 3 tuddies and beat Wisconsin 59-0 in the Big 10 Championship game right? It's not even close to beating Louisville 16-6 and going 8/21 for 55 yards and no TDs. FSU was the only undefeated team that year too, and you know what they were ranked? #3. You know who also got the dog mess beat out of them in the 1st round of the playoffs? FSU. It's not close, the committee undoubtedly got it right. Make it SEC or whatever you want - rankings 5-25 don't mean anything, so they gave them #5 out of respect for being undefeated, when they're really probably a #15ish team. It was absolutely awful to watch them play Saturday against a NOT GOOD Louisville team, who didn't have a single credible win and lost to 3-9 Pitt for goodness sake. OH WOW THEY HELD LSU'S AMAZING OFFENSE TO LESS THAN 30. News flash, LSU beat 1 good team all year, and hung 190 points on teams they should actually be ashamed to even have on their schedule. Y'all think wayyyy too highly of some of these teams. I give FSU the quality win over LSU, because I do think LSU was slightly above average this year. Duke should have never been ranked, they were never impressive and the only reason they were every ranked is because everyone thought so highly of Clemson who was not good. Duke ended 7-5. That leaves their most credible win being LSU, whom you could say the beat because of.... Jordan Travis. The man went off in the 2nd half against LSU. Heck, where's the justice for Liberty?? Liberty beat NMSU twice, who stomped Auburn, who absolutely blewwwww the Bama game. Give me Liberty, or give me death.
  19. Imagine claiming beating Louisville and Duke as a quality win ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD. Nerds.
  20. Jalen Catalon leaving Texas. Hate that. He's a hard hitter but my goodness he can't stay healthy.
  21. Why are we even arguing about this? We should really be arguing about how trash Florida State was and how the committee did what any person with a functional brain would have done. Let's beat that dead horse some more.
  22. Some of you are absolutely delusional. It sucks for FSU, no doubt, but if they should be in simply by being undefeated playing a crap schedule, then so should Liberty. Liberty got the shaft! Someone tried to call me out on it and say "Oh you'd sing a different tune if Texas wasn't in there and they were undefeated." - NO. No I wouldn't. I've seen Texas without Quinn. I have lived my entire life as a Texas fan the last 14 years being embarrassed and disappointed. I would gladly bow out and save myself the embarrassment of being this year's Notre Dame in the CFP, or worse. FSU looked TERRIBLE against a mildly decent Louisville team who lost by 17 points to a 3 win Pitt team, and to Kentucky, who didn't beat anyone of value this season other than Louisville. I think FSU might be a top 4 team with Travis, but you couldn't persuade me to believe after what I saw Saturday, that they could even even hold a candle to anyone in the top 4 right now. Come on man. All those years that we sit here and complain because Notre Dame gets into the CFP over someone else simply because they're undefeated, just to complain when finally possibly the best 4 teams in the country get to duke it out.
  23. Man, If I would have told y'all all the details, y'all would have really 'd.
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