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  1. Thoughts on Brook Hill? Honestly.
  2. You are definitely blowing smoke at this point.
  3. History. History is the reason. Past tendencies. Patterns. Habit. Routine. I'm not saying that they will, I'm just telling you why people are saying what they're saying.
  4. Yep. Heard them Friday night. They're gonna have to find seats elsewhere if I am forced to listen to it again lol.
  5. ALL I'M SAYING IS - I had a big long post written out. Brook Hill is better than average. Very well-coached and hard playing group of kids. Think what you want, but our coach and boys had to dig deep to figure out how to stop them and find a way to win. Big steps for a team that's delt with what ours has. WE COMING SABINE !
  6. We gave up 7 to LE, and 21 to Brook Hill. Our offense has given up almost as many points as our defense has. 2 picks 6s, scoop and score, and 2 safeties.
  7. I take that back... 2nd worst team. This was the worst.
  8. I could see that. I mean, we almost beat y'all with the worst team we've had in history so I mean... anything can happen
  9. To be fair, I think Brook Hill is better than people are giving them credit for. I think they were beating WO like 38-14 at half, not that White Oak is a powerhouse, just saying in comparison.
  10. Which is every team we've played but 1, and put ourselves in position to win that game more than once. If we could kick a 25 yard field goal, we'd be 5-0.
  11. Spoken like someone that hasn't seen them play! Cheers!
  12. Was Episcopal really winning 44-0 at the end of the 1st quarter?
  13. As of right now... Judging by what I've seen. Tatum Atlanta Gladewater Jefferson Sabine WO I do think we can play with Tatum. I'm just not one to put 2 teams in 1 place. Tatum's pre-district is pretty freaky.
  14. Complete garbage man. And they wonder why Texas is so hesitant to keep the game between them alive when we move to the SEC. It's sad.
  15. Yep, this was crucial. Wasn't even thought about. I mean where was even an instant replay to make them think about it?
  16. It's worse to lose at home than at Lubbock. Herman had Sam.
  17. I wouldn't be too sure. Today was absolutely pathetic. Painful to watch from start to finish.
  18. Glad y'all came out! That was a good game. It was a clean game. Both sides fought till the end, that's for sure! I was impressed with BH. Y'all ran some good stuff last night. Definitely a great test for our boys!
  19. Look, it's not my fault y'all scheduled your game on a Saturday. It's called Friday Night Lights for a reason lol.
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