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  1. Those were the golden days. Take us back to the promise land Sark!
  2. Because Texas was the best team in the Big 12. That's why people think Texas got the shaft. They handedly beat OU, and lost to TTU in Lubbock on a FLUKE last second TD prayer. TTU then choked to OU, of course.
  3. This reminds me of 2008, when Texas got the shaft and OU got in. Texas would have beat OU that year 10 out of 10 times they played, but that loss to TTU later in the season was the straw. I hated it then, and I'll hate it now if it comes to fruition.
  4. If you lose this late in the season, it should be more detrimental. That's why I give Bama the edge over Texas if they win the SEC. The only reason it worked out last year for TCU last year was because #5 and #6 were 2 loss teams.
  5. Gah I flat forgot Michigan. The reason I say finished product is because Bama will have rattled off 11 straight wins, beaten the best team in the country, and won the SEC championship. I do understand the head to head logic, but I'm not blind either. Texas has lost since they beat Bama, and to a very unimpressive OU group. I watched the Iron Bowl. Bama should have lost, TWICE, but at the end of the season, nobody will think about that if they beat Georgia. Texas went into OT against K-State, won possibly on a very suspect spot of the ball against Houston. The best thing for them to do, is beat OSU in as equally dominant fashion as they beat TTU, and hope that's enough. 12 team playoff is going to be so much better. As bad as I hate to say it, I can remember TAMU getting the shaft a few years back when I thought they deserved to be in. Just a poopy system.
  6. If Louisville doesn't beat FSU though, we're going to have a sitting duck waltz it's way into the CFP. It will suck for Texas if they win the Big 12.
  7. In reality, and my way of thinking could be wrong, but... If it comes down to Bama beating Georgia, I don't see how you can put both of them in the CFP still. If you lose this late in the season, it should make a difference. If Bama wins, you'd have to say they're the better finished product, and that's what you want in the CFP. If Texas wins the Big 12, they will jump Ohio State. If Oregon wins, same scenario, Washington should be out. That would put FSU, Bama, Oregon, and Texas in, with the outlier if FSU loses being Georgia, followed by Ohio State.
  8. Well, it just so happens that everyone has a rivalry with Texas. Bigger rivalries await us in the SEC, rivalries long overdue being played.
  9. I don't throw anything out the window when it comes to the Big 12 and Texas. The worst nightmare for the Big 12 is that Texas and OU go to the Big 12 Championship, as the SEC chants will be deafening regardless. I've grown to despise the Big 12, the more this season has gone on. They deserve everything they have coming to them. That being said, BEAT TECH!! Let's not leave it up to chance. Go out and enforce your will on TTU!
  10. Was great to see Sweat give Jarrod Hufford heck all night! They had it out for him, no doubt! Hope he enjoyed senior night!
  11. I'm much happier with this weeks win than any of the last few. HUGE win for Texas in Ames today. Got robbed of a punt return on a block in the back that was completely bogus. THIS is the Texas we want to see. Line up, and punched ISU in the mouth for 4 quarter and came out on top. Hopefully Worthy is okay, and we get to be near full strength next weekend. 10 WINS BABY!! IT'S BEEN A MINUTE GUYS!! HOOK'EM!
  12. I wish I was Jimbo Fisher. I'd let y'all say whatever you wanted to about me
  13. Losing Brooks hurts man. That guy has been a DAWG! We have a very stout RB room, just going to have to step up.
  14. I'm not sure I've missed them, but I know they're here somewhere. Where are you "I know it looks bad, but this is a game Texas would have lost last year" clowns ?? It's ridiculous. The vanilla playcalling in the 2nd half is horrible. We have got to figure out how to put our throat on our opponents neck, or we're going to let the wrong team hang around. This isn't Texas "learning how to finish games." This is them getting stupid lucky and escaping by the skin of their teeth. I'm almost to the point where I'd just rather them go ahead and lose to somebody by 30, that way I won't have to hear how they were up 30 on someone, let the come back, and lost in double OT. You can't keep letting these teams hang around. You can't keep giving up 3 possession leads week after week.
  15. Congratulations Tatum, on winning the only playoff game by a team in our district since 2021. Sheesh man. I can barely remember what it's like to win a playoff game.
  16. Take a picture next time. I'd have to see it to believe it. Carthage is rarely ever, if ever in this situation. I find it hard to believe that especially at the level Carthage plays, they would leave 1 DB to cover 2 WRs without any help.
  17. I understand but it's not like he'd have to throw it far. If you left him unmanned, and he did make a good, it's over. Might be over anyways, but it's definitely over then. But if your 9 can't beat their 8, there's not much hope for you anyways.
  18. While I do get that, all you have to do at that point is send one in motion and throw it 5 yards down field, or a jump pass even. It doesn't have to be 30 yards down field. If you only line 1 up on the outside, you could just throw the ball to 1, and have the other block. In the grand scheme of things, if your 9 can't beat their 8, you probably don't have any business winning in the first place. I understand what you're saying, but not accounting for personnel will get you beat just as easy as simply getting whooped. I guess you could try your chances and make them beat you throwing the ball to the open receiver, but if they do, it's over anyways.
  19. Maybe some of that will rub off on us. We had a pretty bad turnout, and no band. I get that we were a 4th seed playing a 1st seed, but still. I made the drive, stood out in the rain, and I don't even have a kid on the team. Low and behold, we make a game out of it 2 years in a row. A lot of people don't agree with 4 teams from each district, and understandably so, but sometimes teams rise to the occasion, and I like to think our boys did that last night.
  20. So you would leave 1 guy to cover 2 wide receivers? You don't they Potts has a check for that?
  21. Props to the Winny band for coming out and playing in the rain! It was looking like an awfully quiet football game for a while (minus the little horns that the Winny fans blew, which was hilarious!). I'm not sure why our band couldn't show up beings they were both at the same contest, but it would have been nice to send the boys off one last time with the band there!
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