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  1. Nah like I said, conditions weren't in his favor. Still, some of those you have to come up with. I promise at the next level, that won't be a valid excuse. Big time players gotta make big time plays, regardless of the conditions. I think #7 only had the 1 drop in the 4th, and it killed him. Riley was our shining star last night for sure.
  2. I agree. Late in the third you could just tell the defense was just gassed. Half of them never leave the field. It was a great effort. We had a lot of kids show more heart last night than they'd shown all season. To win this game, we were going to have to take advantage of all the opportunities that we had. We get a turnover on the Winny 16, fail to do anything with it. Drop a touchdown pass right before half. The early touchdown by Winny was mere inches from being batted down, but it wasn't and it was a goner. I'm not sure how many first downs we handed Winny with offsides calls, but it was at the very least 3, if not 4/5.
  3. Well it didn't do him any favors that #1 had so many drops. Not trying to be negative, just being honest. I think I he had 4 drops total, 1 was a wide open touchdown pass before half. Super special player, but the conditions just weren't in his favor last night.
  4. Terrible ending to what was a good football game most of the game. Lots of misfortune for Atlanta played a huge role. Proud of our boys for the most part. There's 4-5 kids that absolutely never come off the field. That's tough at this level for sure.
  5. This sounds so much like last year. Atlanta has had opportunity after opportunity and failed to capitalize. Dropped a perfect touchdown pass right before half. Hopefully we will grind it out in the 2nd half.
  6. Crazy that the same 2 teams meet 2 years in a row, under the exact same conditions. Last year it was a close game. Regardless of the directions each team went this season, I do think that this game could be a good one. Atlanta has the horses to run with anyone, but they're going to have to do something they really haven't done much this year, and that's put 4 quarters of clean football together, and go fight for it.
  7. The Rangers will free up some room though. Perez won't draw the QO this season, without a doubt. They're going to have to find a pitcher, or resign Monty, That will cost a little but it won't be anything extravagant over the current salary I'm sure. I don't necessarily want Ohtani, but would I take him? Sheesh. Farm system looking pretty good right now. Wyatt Langford is chomping at the bit. We have to find some way to get him involved, because he won't be in the minors much longer. Carter pretty much solidified himself as a starter. Rangers have a lot of wide open options available right now. Lots of performing players, and trade options out there. Plus, we should have a little bit of increased cash flow from our most recent series
  8. ALRIGHT @RETIREDFAN1 - WE'RE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS FROM NOW ON, THAT THREAD SHOULD BE FOREVER PINNED TO THE TOP AND OPEN! Just kidding, but in a serious way... Heaney and Leclerc locked back in. Did not give Garver a QO (of course), so we will see where that goes. Josh Hader a favorite to land at the Rangers, but he did get a QO from Padres. That will be pretty costly. Do you guys believe the Rangers have a legit shot of landing Ohtani?
  9. Heaney and Leclerc locked back in. Did not give Garver a QO (of course), so we will see where that goes. Josh Hader a favorite to land at the Rangers, but he did get a QO from Padres. That will be pretty costly. Do you guys believe the Rangers have a legit shot of landing Ohtani?
  10. Maybe I can speak this into existence. I didn't give us much of a chance last week, sitting kids or not. Maybe I should say this same this week...
  11. MAN I SAW THIS DURING THE GAME!! This is literally what I said in our fantasy chat when it happened! It's so bogus!
  12. Houston is also near twice the size of Dallas, and a higher unemployment rate.
  13. I've only seen bits and pieces. We're out of town. But I did just watch Tatum go for it on 4th and like 3 from their own 32 yard line so... idk what's going on.
  14. I mean, do you honestly EXPECT to turn the ball over 4 times in such a short amount of time with your starting QB out? As rough as we are around the edges, I wouldn't expect that, even from the backup.
  15. I would have loved to have been at the parade today! I saw a kid run up to Corey Seager in the truck and get a jersey autographed! The kid was ecstatic! I hope these athletes understand what it means to these kids/fans when they do things like this. Time and time again I see some that just ignore the kids or never come back after they tell them they are going to.
  16. I won't ever forget the show he put on at Pine Tree against Tatum. Man what I wouldn't do to be able to watch another fun season of football like that. To have that confidence when you roll into the stadium on Friday night (Saturday afternoon that day) and just know that them boys were going to compete no matter what. That season, and the season after that were so much fun.
  17. I'm not sure what it is. The athleticism is there no doubt. Incredible athlete, great arm, good speed. Musgrove had that "dude" factor to him. He was a straight dog. He made things happen that shouldn't happen. You are right, Harrison has the size Musgrove never had, but I do think Chase just would not be denied. You didn't see him getting visibly upset because something wasn't going right. He would sell himself out to make it right. That class was really special, just so happens everyone else had a special class the same year lol!
  18. I'm around, just on every thread but Atlanta's . Thank the Lord for the Rangers, because all other sports areas are depressing. I never hated Nelly Cruz, just wish he'd finished the job. We would have never made it if it hadn't been for him, so it's a double edged sword. Still a horrific scene to watch that ball go over his glove to the right field wall. What an amazing season for the Rangers though. Geez. Tatum by a margin. I've always been a realist when I thought Atlanta had a chance, and athlete wise I think they do. I do get where @Jasonwaldon is coming from as well. I remember a couple of Tatum posters left the forum and never came back after talking so much smack about a very good Tatum team coming to whoop Atlanta, and it did not come to fruition. A couple of years ago, a winless Atlanta team gave Tatum all they could ask for. I just don't see it happening this year though. I don't think mentally that a lot of these boys want to fight for it. They need that Tyson Fury demeanor, and it's not quite there. Little bit of a disappointing year, but I still have faith in the staff. I'm one of those "culture isn't built overnight" type people, so we'll see what the future holds.
  19. I feel the same way. I'd love to go watch them clinch Friday, but if they can do it now, do it now. TAKE IT!!
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