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  1. Semien man. What are you doing?? Talk about the biggest choker at home. Brings no bat, now no defense.
  2. The pop ups are so annoying man. Holy smokes. How ridiculous can we look?
  3. The top of our lineup has just been a total let down this series. I mean atrocious.
  4. You have got to be joking man. Semien is on the struggle bus badddd.
  5. Imagine swinging and popping up/striking out on high fast balls for the 3rd day in a row.
  6. If the Rangers can't put it away in the next 2 games, I don't think they can split and go for game 7. They just don't have the pitching available for it. I don't think Scherzer will be right for it. Jon Gray obviously isn't right. Dunning struggling. Heaney... LOL. Martin Perez is a huge bust. Cody Bradford is still figuring it out. The bullpen is just atrocious. There's not a happy medium. Sborz has come on well lately. Leclerc has been amazing. There's the top. Chapman can't find the strike zone, and when he does, it's a meat pie. Will Smith is just a sign the Rangers are putting up the white flag. Stratton is poop. Either way, I've had an amazing time watching the Rangers this year. I went to 4 games total, and they won all 4. I went to watch Scherzer's first start. I even went to watch the Rangers play in Minute Maid Monday in the ALCS. Talk about an amazing experience. My son got deGrom's autograph Monday as well. I think the Rangers are on the rise. It's been a fun season regardless. I actually tribute Jon Gray's struggles yesterday to him ignoring us on Monday getting on the bus, because my son was trying to get his autograph as well.
  7. Atlanta should win this. May very well be the last game they win.
  8. Stupid contract man. Absolutely stupid. I'm ashamed of it and I didn't even approve or make it. Zeke's contract was bad, but Dak's is an entirely different level of stupidity.
  9. Anyone going to the game Tuesday? I'm thinking about making the drive. Not every day you get a chance to watch the Texas Rangers in a playoff game.
  10. Why rush down the field? At this point, overtime isn't even a bad thing. Above all else, keep OU from getting a chance to win the game during regulation.
  11. Gah that's crazy. They could have kicked a game winner as time expired. Unbelievable.
  12. Ultimately clock management was a huge miscue at the end of the game. That drive should have eaten up so much more clock.
  13. I also watched a interesting take from Acho on the game winning TD from OU. Apparently, the guy originally lined up with the receiver that scored, was a true freshman. When the WR went in motion back across the formation, he stopped going with him, and Acho says that it's his job to communicate and let Thompson or the other DB know that he's now their man to cover. Either he never communicated or they couldn't hear him on that side of the field.
  14. Gotta be honest - not looking forward to this one.
  15. At this point, why even keep trying to achieve anything this season? Dallas on their best day, wouldn't compete with that team last night on their worst. They're just too much. This is our last year to be stuck with Dak. I can only hope and pray that the Cowboys organization has seen the error in their ways and let him walk. It's so terrible. Don't get me wrong, it could be so much worse, but it could also be so much better. I've made the argument forever that a team can win a super bowl without an elite QB, and I do believe that's true, but it does require a bit more firepower on offense I do think - and we don't have it. Lamb is a good WR1, but we don't have the weapons on the outside, or the capable QB to even threaten a team with leaving Lamb open. The reign is coming to an end. We missed our opportunity long ago. O-line is getting old. Our weapons are growing thin. Rebuild is coming.
  16. I wouldn't even say Gabriel looked better than Ewers. Gabriel can move better, and Texas lacked containment. Ewers was closed in on very fast. He got smoked when he fumbled that football too. Not an excuse, but he still came back out the next drive and threw dimes.
  17. I thought Ewers actually looked really good today after throwing those first 2 picks. The first pick was bad, 2nd wasn't exactly all his fault. Made the right read, just a hair late. Then, he rattled off 19 straight completions, breaking Colt McCoy's record, only stopped by a missed PI call. The fault lies more on the defense and the offensive line. Texas was beat in the trenches all day. Quinn made a lot of his plays happen while on the move, and made some dang good throws on them.
  18. Well I'm not sure who's assignment that guy actually was, but I will say he dropped 2 INTs. One in the endzone.
  19. Boy that was sad and embarrassing. Being -3 in the turnover column didn't do us any favors on top of the shakey defensive play. Hope we get a chance to right the ship in the Big 12 championship.
  20. How does the defense let this happen man. Geez
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